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Scared to mix prints? Get started by keeping them in the same color family.
Hi Donna,How do I mix and match prints in one outfit? Please teach me how to combine them in a way that looks fashionable without trying too hard. Thanks!Tanya, 23Hi Tanya! If you're a little shy, the trick to
Bored with your normal 'do? Change things up this summer with a new look!
Hi Donna!I would like to ask what hairstyle would fit my oval-shaped face. I am afraid to go super short because I feel like it wouldn't look good on me. I've been sporting long hair with side-swept
I got this Cosmo hunk's seal of approval during the Billabong All Girls Surf Camp!
I remember the first time I tried surfing. I was in La Union with a group of friends and I was so nervous I'd wipe out and embarrass myself in front of everyone. Balancing has never been my strongest point, so
Rock a pair of jeans that help treat your skin while you wear them.
Hi Donna,How do I make wearing jeans more bearable this summer? I've always been a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl, but lately it's been hard because of the intense heat. I also want to change up my
Not a fan of heels? Trade them in for fancy flats.
Dear Donna, How do I put together an appropriate outfit for a dinner party without having to wear heels? As much as I would love to wear them, they really hurt my feet and make me very uncomfortable. If I wear regular
Square, round, or cat-eye? Find out which one suits you best!
Hi Donna,I want to buy a new pair of sunglasses for this summer, but I'm having a hard time picking the right kind for my round face. What shape would you suggest for me? I am also on a budget,