She was makeup-free, too!
When we heard that Forevermore star Liza Soberano was at the Cosmo HQ, we just *had* to ambush interview her. We asked Liza to give us tips on how we, too, can look fantastic in our selfies. Watch her-totally makeup free-
Here, we show you the easiest way you can depot your lipstick, so you can still use it. Follow Retty on Editors (Try) The #NoMirrorMakeupChallengeHow To Use Liquid Lipstick
You think you know your own face? Think again.
Here at the HQ, we're always on the lookout for fun challenges that we can try. That's why when we stumbled upon the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge on YouTube, we decide we'd do it ourselves. Our Associate Art Director Jico
Don't be scared!
Liquid lipsticks can be a little scary to use, because they are very pigmented. Here's a quick video to show you how to apply it, plus a genius tip to nail that cupid's bow. Follow Retty on Twitter.
Check out this fun game we played with our July 2013 cover girl, Maja Salvador!
It's perfect for showing off your neck and shoulders on a super hot date!
Find out how you can achieve the perfect updo for hot summer months. (P.S. You'll need a real sock!)
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