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These Pinays share how they spend their lunch breaks at home.
Now that we've been in quarantine for a little over a year, how have you been? Have you developed new work habits that have changed your life-for better or for worse? Many of us have shifted to a work-
'Kahit ano yung situation mo professionally, may magagamit ka na lesson.'
The first time we featured Lyqa Maravilla on Cosmo was when we discovered her educational TikTok videos that discuss the most common topics in English and Math. Also known as Coach Lyqa, she's a Pinay content creator, motivational speaker, and
'You can control what you see online.'
Real talk: When it comes to social media, I just love being updated with all the chika and drama! So aside from my family, friends, and favorite celebs, I follow accounts that discuss the tea on stars and influencers. Similar to that,
Here's what you need to know about the Global Korea Scholarship.
Do you ever just close your eyes and dream about being somewhere far, far away? 'Cause hard same. I, sometimes, take it a step further by watching virtual walking tours in South Korea, a place I intended to visit in 2020-
Here are the considerations that went into transitioning into solo living.
The conversation started when I was 21. I wanted to move out of my parents' house. I don't know why. Maybe because, ever since, may pagka-independent na ako. I like to try new things consistently. So at that
And other questions you'll get answers to at JobStreet's Virtual Career Fair.
When I was in college, one of the events I somehow always looked forward to was the annual career fair. As much as it was scary to think about what life would be like after graduation (hello, adulting), it was also kinda
So no more excuses, you guys!
ICYDK, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) started accepting voter registrations on Saturdays this February to encourage more Filipinos to sign up for the 2022 polls. This way, people who have work on weekdays can easily register. To help bolster voter turnout, COMELEC
The Embassy of France to the Philippines has two scholarship programs.
It seems like more and more scholarships are opening up for people who want to further their studies. In January, Japan started accepting applications for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program; so did the Stipendium Hungaricum, a scholarship program founded by the
Can you do it online? Are there legit TIN ID assistance services?
Did you recently decide to take up a side hustle? Or maybe just landed your first job ever? Did you finally get enough capital to start your own business? Well then, you're going to need to get a Taxpayers Identification
It's all about letting them know your priorities.
Q: My company has been trying to cope with the pandemic and unfortunately, that meant letting go of some employees just to stay afloat. Hindi nawala yung workload na 'yon, na-distribute lang sa mga natira. And with all the changes
Here are useful tips on how to *finally* set boundaries at work.
Q: Lately, I've been feeling super overworked. Parang wala na kong ginagawa kundi mag-trabaho. Nahirapan talaga ako mag-adjust sa work-from-home setup namin pero I feel like yung main reason is parang wala na talagang difference between
The key is to think about it as a conversation, instead.
Q: In my everyday life, I try my best to avoid confrontations-at home, but especially at work. Heated arguments stress me out and I'm worried about accidentally saying something offensive. What if they take it personally, 'di ba?
'Along with freedom and independence, having your own space comes with a lot of responsibilities.'
At 21, right after college, I decided to move out of my parents' house. Initially, the decision was not just a matter of wanting my own space and being independent. One major factor was my commute to and from work. Since
It may get uncomfortable, but it's a conversation you need to have.
Let us paint you a picture: You have an upcoming doctor's appointment-an appointment you're half-excited and half-nervous about. On one hand, this is going to be your chance to ask all the questions that have
Here's something pretty you can add to your workspace!
Nowadays, it's really easy to know what date it is just by looking at your phone or laptop. For some, it can be as quick as clicking an icon or as convenient as asking your phone's AI. And
'Hindi ako takot. Nag-start ako sa walang-wala talaga.'
The new year comes with a promise of a fresh start. That may mean a chance to mend broken relationships, revisit personal goals, and yes, even dive into new business opportunities. Because why not, right? If you're still on the
At 18, she became hands-on with her money and savings.
Many of us know that Anne Curtis started working at a very young age, having entered the industry when she was only 12 years old. Since then, we've seen her evolve as an actress and a host. In the recent
Here's how you can apply.
Studying abroad is usually just a dream for many students, especially since tuition fees in other countries are usually more expensive to fees in the Philippines. It's not entirely unattainable for Pinoys to fulfill their dreams of getting education overseas,
No matter where you are in your financial journey.
Think about what you'd want to do if tomorrow, money was no longer an issue. Would you start a business? Travel the world? Pay off your debts? Build your dream home? Most of us have a long list of financial