Yes, Alex Gonzaga's already gotten her Gold Play Button from YouTube after reaching a million subscribers on her channel. But you've never seen her vlog her own shoot before!  Watch as Alex tours us around the studio, introduces
Fast-forward to today, Alex proudly shares she’s in a much better place.
It was four years ago when I first met Alex Gonzaga. It was late 2014, and a vivacious 26-year-old was the star at her first Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot. I clearly remember her dancing and munching on plates of pichi-
On love, turning 30, and taking on the biggest role of his life.
The last time Paulo Avelino worked with Cosmopolitan was way back in 2014, when he was both in the centerfold and on the cover of the COSMOMEN issue, and strutted down the catwalk of the Bachelor Bash in World Trade Center."What
This 19-year-old star is unnervingly normal and immensely likeable.
Loisa Andalio quietly walked into Summit Studio in a simple white shirt and jeans on a Thursday afternoon. With her, a team of stylists, carrying a luggage full of pastel crop tops and candy-colored pumps. Not far behind were her hair
Jasmine knows that you can never please everyone—and you shouldn't have to.
As a flurry of stylists, hair and makeup artists, and the rest of the team arrive at our shoot location with bags and racks in tow, Jasmine Curtis-Smith quietly enters the scene. It's a place that's familiar
The queen is back, and she's taking 2018 by storm.
Bea Alonzo walks into Studio 9 in a white dress that ever so slightly grazes the floor. It's almost jarringly ethereal to see her in person-oh my god, it's Basha, it's Andeng, it's
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