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Lush fabrics, sexy corsets make our alluring cover girl even more captivating. See the outfits and get the look!
Period fashion gave modern trendsetters something to play with: undergarments like figure-hugging corsets, revealing lace, and satin fabrics that were once only limited to the boudoir are now used by the most fashion-forward women as key pieces in their outfits.
Cosmo's latest girl-crush shines beautifully, even when we shot her in this bleak industrial setting. Check out our exclusive coverage!
A drab, dingy warehouse is the last place you could think of when you want to project "holiday glamour," the concept behind this month's cover story. But, when you've got Georgina Wilson at the center of it all, you know
We reserved our last issue for 2010 for this super beautiful "it" girl! Get exclusive access to how we put together this glam cover shoot.
Like this month's cover girl, you can glam up even in the bleakest of situations with fabulous style and attitude!
Let's face it: even a season as joyous as Christmas can be tainted by some difficult, drab, and disappointing life situations (just look at what's making headlines in newspapers and television to see what we mean). And it's not
Have fun with fashion, as we did with our pretty cover girl's outfits in the fab Fashion Issue of Cosmo!
Fashion is not about following strict rules or being dictated by trends. As this month's issue of Cosmo will show you, it's all about having fun with your own style. And that was the concept behind the outfits we picked
The controversial actress gets colorful in the pages of Cosmo this month. Check out our exclusive photos from her shoot!
There's no place like Heima to shoot a gorgeous cover girl in cute, eye-catching color. And there's definitely no cover girl quite like Kim Chiu! The pretty young thing takes another turn on Cosmo's cover, looking lovely and
The young actress shows us you can laugh, have fun, and look radiant, even in the toughest of showbiz storms. Watch her light moments with the team during her cover shoot!
Gorgeous goddess Cristine takes her ethereal beauty to the pages of Cosmo this month! Check out our exclusive photos!
From sexy siren to graceful, golden goddess, Cristine Reyes was every bit the radiant, otherworldly beauty on the pages of Cosmo's October issue.Like many young celebrities before her, this lovely lady got her start on GMA-7's talent search,
Let your ethereal beauty shine through in feminine, flowing, luxurious fabrics, just like this month's gorgeous cover girl!
Cosmo is all about luxury for less this month. You must remember that staying within a budget doesn't mean you have to look plain and drab or wear the same clothes every day. All it takes is a little creativity, a
The sultry actress is back on the cover of Cosmo! Watch how we turned this fresh-faced beauty into a glowing goddess for this shoot.
Our young and vibrant cover girl pulls off the classic look of old Hollywood, with the help of flawless makeup and some classic pieces in crimson.
With the holidays coming up in a few months, it's time you give your holiday wardrobe some thought. You could get inspiration from Cosmopolitan's September cover girl fashion, which was done mostly in one of Fall/Winter 2010's hottest
Watch how we turned the vibrant young actress into a picture of old Hollywood glam--reflecting her Pinoy showbiz royalty roots.
Andi channels old-school Hollywood glamour in Cosmo this month. Get an exclusive insider's look at her shoot!
Andi Eigenmann's looking glam on the cover of Cosmo this month. She's all decked out in vivid, va-va-voom red as she channels old-school, classic Hollywood. It's a look that might not be very "her" (she's
As we celebrate beauty and body love this month, we let the natural loveliness of our cover girl shine through in outfits that glorify one's own skin.
Cosmopolitan Philippines dares all women to bare their natural beauty and to love their body--whatever shape or state it is in. To inspire you, we got celebrities to tell you how much they love their own curves, and even go without
Who better to be on our Beauty/Body Love August cover than the naturally gorgeous, absolutely radiant model-actress?
Maricar Reyes was the picture of simple, classic beauty at her Cosmo cover shoot. Stylist Alyanna Martinez played up her radiant glow and pushed her natural loveliness to the forefront. She dressed her in delicate fabrics like lace, in feminine tones of
Watch this exclusive video of Maricar's Cosmo shoot, and be even more convinced that she's the poster girl for natural beauty.
Check out these tidbits of enlightenment from July cover girl Lady Gaga on everything from love and life to The Fame.
Our July cover girl Lady Gaga is clearly not afraid to be herself, and with that colorful, out-of-this-world personality come some equally colorful (and incredibly insightful) opinions. Lady Gaga's got something to say about everything, from love to
Heartbreak? Happiness? Good times at the club? Lady Gaga's got your soundtrack covered, from boys to breakups! What's YOUR Gaga song?
They play our July cover girl Lady Gaga's songs at all the clubs because her beats are perfect for dancing. No night out with the girls is complete without "Bad Romance" or "Telephone," and you can bop your head to "Alejandro"
There's a reason this fierce pop star is on the cover of our Daring issue. What makes her fun and fearless? Find out!
Fun, fearless female? Here's a perfect example: Lady Gaga. She's definitely hasn't hesitated to push the envelope of entertainment. What else has she dared to do? Grabe the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines, with Lady Gaga on the cover,
Our sweet-faced cover girl brings on the shimmer and sparkle—the hot trend for Christmas 2009.