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Never EVER let the tiny baby you're dating say these things.
1. Ughhh, why are you always tired? Because you are a tiny baby and my bones are made of dust. Let's move on.2. How come you won't do shots/drink J├Ągerbombs anymore?Because that shit used to bounce
No, it's not like dating a child.
1. You learn to be humble. "Just because the guy happens to be younger doesn't necessarily mean he can't teach you a thing or two. More often than not, people think that because you're older means that you have
Do young men seem so much more attractive to you, now that you're in your mid-20s or 30s? Learn the dirt on playing "cougar."
While it's certainly not a new phenomenon, more and more women are giving younger dudes a chance. So how did this shift come about? "Historically, women have tended to date men a couple of years older than themselves, but now a
This month’s hottie heats up our Halloween with his final set of provocative photos and interview. See them NOW.