They fight more than they have sex.
Fifty Shades Freed, the final installment of E.L. James's Twilight fanfic trilogy, arrives February 9, giving viewers a look at what happens after Christian and Ana exchange vows. But if you've read the book, you already know
Prepare to fight over how soft the toilet paper is.
1. Your bathroom feels so much smaller than it is. Two people sharing a bathroom is the ultimate trial of will. You might think you don't need that much room for your toiletries. You might think you're OK with someone
Don't be THAT couple.
We know there's nothing wrong with showing love and affection to your significant other, yet there are times when some couples cross the line without noticing it. Holding hands and staying close to each other are fine, but blatantly caressing and
Pressure has a lot to do with it.
Can you believe there was a time when love played no role in marriage? Marriage used to be about preserving power, forging alliances, and producing the next generation. In fact, even when the Church declared it as one of its sacraments, marriage
You may be tempted to play it safe in your relationship, but there are risks actually worth taking to strengthen your bond. Find out what they are.
You have an amazing guy in your life, so understandably, your urge may be to stay kampante and not risk doing anything that might screw things up. After all, why take chances by purposely spending time away from him or bringing up
This gorgeous couple made the whole team feel <i>kilig</i> with their displays of affection during our couple cover shoot. Watch it.
At a Bigfish party, we asked these guys to tell us where they draw the line in relationships. It's New Year girls--listen as these men finally speak up.
Admit it--we women tend to expect a lot from men, especially from those we're in a relationship with. But, in the spirit of becoming a better you this year, let's try to be a better girlfriend by listening to
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