Pressure has a lot to do with it.
Can you believe there was a time when love played no role in marriage? Marriage used to be about preserving power, forging alliances, and producing the next generation. In fact, even when the Church declared it as one of its sacraments, marriage
Your man loves watching you peak with pleasure, and he gauges your satisfaction through your words and body language--especially your orgasm face.
Here's a fact about guys you probably didn't know: When you're having sex, he's actually more focused on your face than your body. Could that be true? According to a some studies, when men viewed women having sex,
Looking for ways to spice up your usual bedroom repertoire? Pick out your faves from this list and put them (or all!) to the test.
Pop quiz: When is your body best primed to get busy? If you're thinking Um, right now? you're our kind of girl...and you're totally correct. While men are known to have stronger sex drives, studies show that women
He may be happy with your sack skills, but these sexual truths will help you satisfy him like never before.
The average guy is pretty easy to read-he springs to attention so you know he's aroused, and his can't-miss-it orgasm leaves no doubt that he's reached his pleasure destination. But, his body doesn't always send
Baring everything for your partner is good for your relationship. He'll love doing these things with you...<i>without</i> your clothes.
Sure, you get naked when you have sex-at least, we hope you do. But if that's all you two do in the buff, you're missing out! "Wearing nothing at all is totally freeing and can make you appreciate your
Certain touches are sure to send his arousal level--and your sack skills--through the roof. With these new moves, he'll be hooked for sure.
Touching a man near his package in any way-with your hand, with your mouth, with your grocery cart at the store-is usually good enough to rev his engine. But "good enough" isn't always good enough. Like you, guys desire
Think of the stereotypical bad girl: Why is she always sexy and confident? Learn the tricks she's got up her naughty sleeves to turn your <i>sex</i> life around and tap your inner vixen.
Bad girls are legendary-a guy who's been with one practically passes out from bliss when he talks about his experience. You might be thinking, "Who, me? Be a bad girl?" But any woman who wants to can wake up her
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