Alas, Drizzy didn't match her pink sequin gown.
For many teenagers now, prom isn't just a chance to ask out your crush or wear your first fancy dress. Promposals and prom dress themes are a chance to absolutely dunk on other people IRL and via social media. But Memphis
Cheers to more bonding moments with your first-ever barkada!
1. Party in Boracay!Say what you want about Boracay, but it's the country's party hub for a reason. Its white sand beaches are lined with resto-bars, and people from all over the world flock to Boracay for an
It's all in the genes.
1. They were your first-ever barkada. These were the people you had no choice but to befriend. You probably didn't like them when you were four years old, because they pulled your hair out and called you really stupid names,
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