Put that love on top.
It is said that one of the best ways to have a P-in-V orgasm is getting on top. But what if you've tried cowgirl eight billion times and still never had one? Or what if you like it
Sure, you get a full-frontal view with zero effort, but there's way more.
1. He can just sit back and relax. With you on top, he has very few responsibilities, which makes this great in situations where he's not feeling his best. Say he's tired or tipsy, or he's broken all of
Turns out guys love cowgirl-style just as much as women do! Learn why it works and what you can do to max out your pleasure.
Ask a guy point-blank what does it for him in bed and he's likely to respond "Uh...everything." To demystify that answer, we conducted a massive sex poll aimed at drawing out the dirtiest thoughts of thousands of guys. Among
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