All the outfits and props were just things found around their house!
I think we can all agree on this: One thing that makes Crash Landing On You such an amazing show is that people of all ages-including our titos and titas-can relate to it! I personally watched the show with my
Some of these are quite surprising!
So if you're privileged enough to find yourself with so much free time because of the enhanced community quarantine, then today must be Day XX of you wasting away in front of the screen watching Netflix. RIGHT? Right. And since
His choice is clear.
Everyone's gotten hooked on Netflix K-drama Crash Landing On You, and with the chemistry between lead characters Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (played by Hyun Bin) and Yoon Se-Ri (played by Son Ye Jin), it's not hard
They went twinning not just once but twice!
We stan K-drama leading ladies who are smart, headstrong, and stylish. Luckily, our current Netflix favorites are in no shortage of such. And in case we need to point out the obvious, we're talking about Crash Landing On You&#
Bag envy is REAL.
How much do we love Crash Landing On You? We honestly can't count the ways anymore. Even though it's been a while since we officially bid goodbye to the love story of Captain Ri and Yoon Se-Ri, we still
It's such a pretty color!
Since we first saw her in Crash Landing on You, we couldn't help but wonder about Seo Ji Hye's off-screen beauty secrets. We have tried to find her everyday makeup routine (she has the best tips!), but
It's like seeing Seo Dan and Seung-joon all over again!
Crash Landing On You fans, now's the time to rejoice! Our favorite second leads Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun, who played feisty North Korean Seo Dan and the charming conman Seung-joon respectively, are set to reunite in
He finally has a love interest!
Lee Shin Young's star is definitely on the rise ever since he starred as one of the Company Five's charming soldiers in the mega-hit K-drama Crash Landing On You. And as we know now, the 22-
Get dolled up like Seo Dan IRL!
Seo Ji Hye might play the chaebol heir Seo Dan on Crash Landing on You, but her beauty secrets are definitely fit for us average folk. The Korean actress' daily makeup routine, for example, is loaded with practical beauty tricks that
Time to catch up on these dramas!
K-dramas are addictive-the refreshing plots, the attractive stars, and the kilig-inducing scenes are undeniably hard to resist. On top of that, Korean drama series don't typically last for years, and each season only has less than 20
Looking for a hidden gem?
Diehard K-Drama fan or not, there's no denying that you've watched a season (or two!) upon the recommendation of a friend or that suggested tab on Netflix. A quick scroll through your feed will also tell you
He's an 'average' boy who writes a poem!
ICYMI, Crash Landing On You's Lee Shin Young has a new K-drama called How To Buy A Friend! The show, which is Shin Young's debut lead role, will reportedly have eight episodes. According to Soompi, the drama
Their family owns Hanjin Group, the conglomerate that operates Korean Air.
Remember the very first episode of Netflix's Crash Landing On You where Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye Jin)'s father taps her as his successor, leaving her power-hungry brothers enraged? Well, it turns out that art does imitate
Including 'Descendants Of The Sun', 'Goblin', and more!
You'll never run out of K-dramas to watch, but some titles stand out and cause a craze amongst casual viewers and hardcore fans alike. The 2000s gave rise to OG classics like Winter Sonata and Boys Over Flowers, but
How do we play these on repeat?!
Last month, Chris Tiu posted his cover of a soundtrack from Crash Landing On You. He covered "Song For Brother" on the piano and posted it on his Instagram account. Naturally, our CLOY-loving hearts were *so* pleased.Well, Chris is back
How cute is this?!
Company Five, aka Captain Ri's lovable team of soldiers on Crash Landing On You, recently reunited for a photo shoot for High Cut magazine.The soldiers, who are made up of Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom, Soldier Kim Joo Muk, Soldier
We're still not over this drama!
Just when you thought it's almost over, we've found yet another reason to get sucked back into the vortex that is all things Crash Landing On You.If you're a CLOY fan and an aspiring photographer,
Get ready to swoon!
Some actors are so good to the point that it becomes difficult to draw the line between actor and character. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin play South Korean heiress Yoon Se-Ri and North Korean Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, respectively, in
They're flawed, relatable, and so, so inspiring!
There's no doubt about it: The Crash Landing On You fever is still going strong even after our favorite North-South Korea love story has officially ended. And why wouldn't it be? The plot is unique, the actors
The K-pop and K-drama fever is REAL!
Yung totoo, you may have been *drowning* in work, but that surely didn't stop you from binge-watching Crash Landing On You down to its last episode or from streaming your favorite K-pop group's new MV.As
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