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We think the word "healthy" is a license to overeat!
When you think a certain food is healthy, you eat more of it, right? Sadly, that can make you gain weight, as found by researchers at the University of Texas.Why? Because you think you're eating something that isn't filling
Because you're probably not hungry anyway.
You may feel like you need to eat in certain situations. Sometimes you really do need to eat, especially if you've skipped a meal or your lunch is an hour delayed. And that's because you're hungry! But there are
You can also tap your ears if you want.
Apparently the answer to stopping ourselves from succumbing to our cravings is literally on our fingertips! Research by members of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center suggested that tapping our foreheads with our finger for 30 seconds would stop or decrease
You may have preconceived notions about how guys in their 20s and 30s view relationships, but some of their desires are not so obvious.
Everywhere you turn these days, women are proclaiming, "50 is the new 40! 40 is the new 30!" For men, the numbers are different, but the message is basically the same: Age no longer corresponds to a certain set of predictable behaviors.
Find out which kind of sex drive you have, to see if you and your guy are in sync.
Ever feel like your libidos are stuck in separate lanes? That's because "they're as varied as our personalities are," explains Sandra Pertot, PhD, author of When Your Sex Drives Don't Match. To help you mesh with your man, we'