'Last revision na. Super last na talaga.'
On behalf of all creative professionals out there-yes, even that ~*artist*~ friend you have-please stop asking them to do things FOR FREE. We know that everybody uses the friendship card once in a while, and if your friend genuinely wants
Witty ka ba?
A study on sarcasm, appropriately called "The Highest Form Of Intelligence," is the validation you need for all those times you've been shamed for your witty comebacks and sarcastic quips.Apparently, sarcasm has surprising health benefits for both the expresser and
Find out how much of your wild side guys <i>really</i> want to see...and how much will scare them away.
You've probably heard male friends sing the praises of girls who are "crazy in bed." But, there's such a thing as good-wild (he sees your uninhibited side) and bad-wild (he has to see a chiropractor or shrink after
Assistant beauty editor Regina Belmonte loves Halloween with a passion. Check out a few looks she road-tested this year, just for the occasion, and learn how she was able to achieve them.
I'm the kind of lunatic who starts conceptualizing a Halloween costume as early as July. By August or early September at the latest, I'll already have a concrete idea in mind so that, by October, the result will be flawless.
Turn your vacation into a fun and surreal sensory experience at this unique Kowloon-based accommodation.
Hong Kong is one of the hottest vacation spots right now for fashionistas, foodies, and those just looking for a break from the daily grind. If you plan on heading over there for some shopping and culture-immersing with your man (particularly
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