Tips on how to encourage more creative thinking!
Just as there are multiple types of intelligence, there are also different styles of creativity. Some creatives prefer more structured methods while some thrive in ambiguous approaches. Merlee Cruz-Jayme, authour and illustrator of Everyone Can Be Creative, shares some of her
Your hatred of your cube mate's loud typing is totally not irrational.
Can't cope when your coworker keeps cracking his knuckles? Is it hopeless to get any work done when your boss keeps chomping on chips during lunch? You're not finicky-you're simply a genius bogged down by too much creativity.
Get inspired, stat, with these motivational tips from real Cosmo chicks.
On p.124 of Cosmo's July 2013 issue, we featured how real women regain their creative streak when life gets in the way.Want more motivational maneuvers? Browse through the gallery now and get inspired!
Get in the back-to-school groove with these DIY home supplies, paper crafts, and creative artwork that will inspire you to get your space in shape for a new sem.
Most college students are too preoccupied with academic matters, love woes, and friendship ties to pay much attention to their living space. You get home from school, toss your dirty clothes on the growing pile on the floor, and get to work
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