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Enjoy some breathtaking views of the sea!
Cruising on a yacht is perhaps the ultimate dream. Regular people can have a house and a car, but only the truly rich can afford a boat or a yacht and take it out whenever they want. But if you've
Fancy a career change?
If you're in the market for a career change and fancy polishing the glass slippers in the back of your wardrobe, step right this way: Disney are looking for princes and princesses to join their cruise ships. AMAZING.After Disneyland Paris'
A whole new world...
Just when we thought cruise ships were completely decked out with all the latest entertainment offerings-think cinema rooms, outdoor pools, hot tubs, and, of course, super posh restaurants-we hear of a floating restaurant we never knew we wanted to visit.
Ditch your desk job for this ~*dreamy*~ intern-ship!
If you're attached to you smartphone, obsessed with Instagram, and addicted to travel, we have amazing news for you!Cruise line Royal Caribbean UK and Ireland is looking for an #ExtraordinaryExplorer to travel with them for three whole weeks this summer-
Planning an all-out dream getaway with your man for the holidays? Sign up for an Asian cruise aboard this Italian cruise ship!