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On this celeb hottie's final week, discover his sexy side and secret talents. Plus: the last batch of steamy photos for your viewing pleasure.
We've learned a lot about this multi-talented hottie over the past few weeks, but now he's putting everything out on the table. Ever wonder what your cute seatmate could be daydreaming about? Well here, our June featured hunk Lucky
Read the juicy stuff about your ultimate crush here. We've RESCHEDULED the chat with him on JUNE 29, TOMORROW, 1PM!
Ever had a secret crush on a male college buddy? We bet if our June hunk was in your group, he would be <em>that </em>guy. Reminisce as he plays the part this week.
Let's probe deeper into the student life of this <em>chinito Starstruck V </em>cutie, as we talk to him about his favorite sports, hobbies--and his competitive nature. <em>Hot.</em>
As a <em>kilig </em>treat for <em>kolehiyalas</em> (and career women missing school), we’re making this crush <em>ng bayan</em> from <em>Starstruck V</em> play various types of college cuties all month long!
For three straight months of summer, we undressed one hunk after another right before your eyes. This time, we want to give you a breath of fresh air (that will still be punctuated with a dreamy sigh, we swear). For the whole
Admit it—you once had a silly schoolgirl crush on this erstwhile matinee idol. Find out how much Goma has changed since his bachelor days!