Is there something you've always wanted to say?
It was a typical day in the office until it wasn't: Your boss just told your team about the new hire. And much to your delight, ANG GWAPO GWAPO NIYA. Suddenly, you're in a better mood, your deadlines
Even celebs get queasy around their crush!
Picture this: Your crush walks by and even though you aren't doing anything, you struggle internally to appear calm, cool, and collected. That, or you might have been in the middle of taking a selfie and decided to do it
To the reason kung bakit hindi ka pa nagre-resign.
We all have *happy crush* at work. You know, that person you sometimes see during company events, the person na nakakasabay mo mag-refill sa water cooler, the person who somehow manages to bring light to your day even though you'
'Ngayon, akin na siya!'
We've all had those long-time crushes, those beautiful boys who kept us inspired as we fumbled our way through high school or stumbled our way through our first jobs. But most of the time, those burning crushes don't last
Ways to make Tinder dates a little less disappointing.
When you're swiping through an endless stream of shirtless dudes on Tinder, it's easy for a cute, witty, seemingly-normal guy to feel like The One. You just know you're going to feel that "spark" the
Dreams really can come true.
Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa recently married actress Lisa Bonet before admitting he's had a crush on the star since he was eight years old.The couple were together for over 12 years before tying the knot, and have
Does it feel a bit like you're just going through the motions?
Finding out you're putting everything into a relationship or casual thing, and the other person isn't, can be utterly heartbreaking. It's a truly horrible feeling knowing that you're crushin' on someone harder than
What counts as a fleeting feeling, and what requires a serious talk?
Certain (annoying) people love to brag about how they tell their partner everything, as if a 100 percent disclosure rate is the key to a perfectly healthy relationship (it isn't). There are some things you don't necessarily need
Guys spill the clues!
God forbid if someone fancied someone else they might, actually, y'know, talk to them about it. Unfortunately, telling someone you like them is not 'of this time.' Oh no. You have to go through approximately 13 levels of
Our tween hearts beat as one!
Let this list be your extra dose of sugar for today! Here are our favorite Pinoy actors from the early 2000s:Gerald AndersonWhen Gerald Anderson first entered the "Bahay ni Kuya" for the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition season one,
And by 'weird' we just mean, erm, unexpected.
Weird celebrity crushes-everyone has at least one. Simon Cowell, that Rogue One robot, Piers Morgan.Even famous people sometimes admit to having the hots for an unlikely celeb-they just have a much better chance of running into them than us!
Just when you thought he couldn't get any more #perfect.
Chris Tiu-aka our forever crush-is known as an outstanding basketball star, but apparently, he's also a crazy-talented piano player. Chris has been regularly posting videos of his piano ~*performances*~ and tbh, they leave us kilig!Here are some
Hey, young Leo.
While it's true that Leonardo DiCaprio is getting better and better with age, he was also the CUTEST teenager - as proven by this hilarious cheese advert from the '80s.He's most famous for the likes of Titanic, Catch Me If
Good luck telling if Capricorn is into you.
Aries: They will laugh way too hard at all of your jokes, cackling hysterically every time you do your Borat voice. Objectively, you and your friends know the reference is too old and your impression is worth a polite chuckle at best,
Your friend's kuya!
1. Your friend's kuya. Hey, guys, you know what we should do? We should all go into Matt's room when he's not there and sit in a circle and listen to music, while we wear his shirts and smell
It's easy to see why President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's youngest son, Sebastian "Baste" Duterte, is the current "crush ng bayan": He's all mestizo good looks, ripped bod molded by surfing, the kind of wavy hair you could run your
Uyyy, Jodi ah!
Jodi Sta. Maria and Ian Veneracion are surprisingly one of the biggest love teams on primetime today. Fans have dubbed them as "AmorAdo" (from their Pangako Sa'Yo characters Amor and Eduardo) or "JodIan." Cute, ain't it?Jodi, however, 'fessed up
Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our September 2014 Cosmo cover girl KC Concepcion during her photo shoot!
YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Purse Paparazzi: KC Concepcion***Read more about KC CONCEPCION in Cosmopolitan magazine's September 2014 issue, out on newsstands now! The best part? It comes with a FREE COSMOMENsupplement featuring PAULO AVELINO on the cover! You may also
"Please let it be Ryan Gosling in <i>The Notebook</i>."
Friend-zoned? Here's what you can do!
Yes, girls can be friend-zoned. We wager it hurts as much for you gals as it does for us. We still can't get over that time when you told us, point-blank, that you never saw us as more than
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