Take deep breaths.
There's nothing wrong with crying. In fact, letting out a sob can be somewhat therapeutic. Still, even if crying is part of what makes you human, there are moments when you really just don't want to let anyone
It was a tense few minutes, y'all.
In one of the bigger upsets of this year's Grammy Awards, Adele's 25 was named Album of the Year on Sunday, which means a lot of Beyhive members are upset that Beyoncé's Lemonade lost. Great performances, #Adele was perfect,
Grab your tissue boxes.
As demonstrated by Cut's latest video, there's nothing like a good, hearty sob session to make you feel human again.Hot on the heels of their orgasm faces video, the YouTube channel's newest addition to its "100 People" series
People don't think you have feelings.
1. Everyone thinks you're a cold-hearted bitch because you don't shed tears whenever you see cute puppy videos. But you know you're really not! You feel all mushy inside, but you just can't/won't shed tears
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YouTube/NicePrintChannel1 Rochelle Pangilinan couldn't help but cry happy tears when she was asked by her boyfriend of seven years, Arthur Solinap, to marry him. The perfectly mapped out wedding proposal was held at the place where the couple first met,
Stress tears at work? Here's how to fix your pretty face after a sob session.
1. "To calm your red, sore eyes, firstly apply cool, iced cotton pads 
or cold eye packs and leave on for five minutes," says expert Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. You can also use toilet paper
Where's the no-cry zone? Nowhere. Zero places.
1. When people say, "Calm down," you hear, "Squash your feelings with a rolled-up newspaper like it's a gross fat water bug that surprised you in the shower." I WILL NOT.2. When men say, "Calm down," you are filled
And when we say cry, we mean "ugly girl cry!"
We all have those few days every month when we either want to run around screaming for joy because wala lang, or lock ourselves in our rooms with a pint of ice cream and cry because yes, wala lang din. Trust us,
Pharrell Williams shed tears of joy after Oprah Winfrey showed him a montage of fan videos to his track, "Happy."
Pharrell Williams wept with happiness over his success during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.The 41-year-old star was overcome with emotion after the Oprah Prime host showed him a montage of videos from all over the world that people had
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