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No soap or phone cord required!
Crystals are prettyyy, but if you really want to work with their energy, you can't just stick 'em on a shelf and look at 'em. These beauts are believed to vibrate at frequencies that we can ~werk with~,
And not just because they're sparkly and pretty.
Pro tip: Wanna up your manifesting ~powers~? Snag some specific crystals that align with, what else, your Sun Sign! "Crystals are the skeleton of our planet. Working with them allows us to utilize the energy from the earth," says Bri Luna, owner
Carry them around as you make your mark abroad.
While working and living abroad has its upsides-like getting to explore a new city and experience different cultures-more often than not, you might feel a tinge of homesickness. It's totally understandable to want to be with your friends and
Interested to try them out?
To say we've reached peak new age is inaccurate. We're beyond that now. With apps like Co-Star, Sanctuary, and The Pattern ruling our daily lives-oops! I meant "guiding" our decisions and demystifying our moods-it'
Channel good vibes with these stones.
Aside from looking pretty, crystals can be wonderful for your well-being. They might just seem to be a ~new age~ trend, but crystals "act as conduits for healing-allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows
Plus, they'll make your workspace look extra pretty!
Decorating your workspace is one way to express yourself in a professional setting, and you can make your desk d├ęcor work for you if they emanate good juju. Nothing does this better than crystals-aside from looking pretty, crystals are believed
And it's located in Australia.
Get your Unfold app ready 'cause this crystal "castle" in Australia is begging to be Instagrammed. Located 40 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport is a crystal haven that'll blow your mind (and your notifications). The Crystal Castle is
Attract a new love, communicate better, or improve your current relationship!
These days, crystals are becoming more popular than ever. Everyone-from your favorite actresses to your co-workers-are either wearing them as bracelets or using them as decorative pieces. And while all this hype makes it easy to dismiss crystals as
Which one should you get?
As you're scrolling through your Instagram feed, you've probably noticed that crystals are gaining popularity. Nadine Lustre has posted a lot of her crystals on Instagram, particularly those from Crystal Age: Liza Soberano's wellness spa also promotes crystals as