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No, it's not your boss. It's your pile of crap.
1. Organization stationA lack of functional and attractive office space might be cluttering your brain more than you think, and in turn, making you more unproductive and unhappy. Invest in storage like filing cabinets, whiteboards or chalkboards, and desk organizers to keep
Brighten up your desk with these fab add-ons!
Fill your workdays with bits of summer to tide you over in between weekend getaways. We put together our top 10 ways to spruce up your cube with some summer hues to chase away those weekday blues.
Every office has them, so here are some tips on how to deal.
1. The NegatronIf this person is having a bad day, he or she will definitely try to drag down everyone else in the office as well. The problem? Every day is a bad day for the Negatron, so BVs are constantly spread.
Overtime? No problem!
One way to motivate employees? A super fun and creative environment! These social media offices around the world are amazing.Twitter Headquarters in San FranciscoComfy chairs, open spaces, and relaxing colors-what's not to love? We can totally imagine Tweeting all
Small space? No prob!
Just moved out? Here, tips on how to maximize the space inside your compact condo unit.
Take a peek inside the walls of the Aranaz headquarters. Can this be our office cube?
From the black and white couches to the simple yet eye-catching trinkets on her desk, Rosanna Aranaz's work space is the epitome of class and elegance. She shares the cozy, Carolina Herrera-themed office with her older sister, bag designer
When you're always traveling like Happy Skin founder Jacqe Gutierrez, you bring your office with you wherever you go!
A typical day for Happy Skin's founder Jacqe Gutierrez is out of the ordinary. Her schedule includes hopping from one country to another, attending numerous meetings with suppliers, and training beauty assistants. If she's feeling any stress at all, it
Say goodbye to that bird's nest called home and make one of your own!
In our 20s, we are catapulted into a new sense of self: we get our first job, get over old friendships, dress a little more mature than we did in our teen years, and altogether just take matters into our hands, like
Moving out of your parents' home (within 2013!) is totally possible. One fun, fearless female shows you exactly how.
Discovery Primea's Deputy Director of Services lets us take a peek at her workspace for Cosmo's first Cube & Condo exclusive.
One look at Rima Ostwani's desk, and you'll immediately get an inkling of the sunny, classy, and hardworking girl that sits behind it everyday. Many know this Syrian-Spanish-German-Filipino beauty for her billboards or TV appearances, but despite
We made it our New Year's resolution to live a more organized and junk-free life. Here's how you can make it happen!
We know you've been dying to clear your desk and organize your closet since last year. But chances are, you can never bring yourself to go through piles and piles of accumulated junk. Even we at Cosmo have a hard time
Does it take you forever to get ready in the morning? Make your daily fashion decisions easier by whipping your wardrobe into shape!
1. Separate work and play.Pick up one set of hangers (say, pink plastic ones) for your strictly social, fun clothes that you'd never wear on the job, and another set (in a different color) for your work-only outfits. Try
Get in the back-to-school groove with these DIY home supplies, paper crafts, and creative artwork that will inspire you to get your space in shape for a new sem.
Most college students are too preoccupied with academic matters, love woes, and friendship ties to pay much attention to their living space. You get home from school, toss your dirty clothes on the growing pile on the floor, and get to work
Have you saved up enough for your first condo? Or are you thinking of finding your own place? Check out this new classifieds website dedicated to real estate.
One of the milestones of adulthood is moving out of your parents' house to live in your own place. Bidding farewell to free food and no rent aside, this is our way of proving that we can fend for ourselves. If, by
Cosmo's sister publication <i>Real Living Magazine</i> came up with a nifty book on decorating small spaces. Read about it here, then go grab a copy. It's just P195!
Did you just buy your hard-earned first condo or moved out to assert your independence and rented a studio? Or are you so bored and nasisikipan in your room, you want to redecorate? We know that more and more of you,