You can totally do these by yourself!
Whether you have naturally curly hair, sport permed locks, or enjoy heat-styled waves, here are some looks you can easily do by yourself: Put your hair up in a high half-pony, then wrap it into a bun, and secure it
Find out if it's worth a try!
Is there anything sexier than a beachy wave hairstyle? The only problem is, it's time-consuming to achieve it. It involves being skillful and patient with a curling iron! And because we want the easy life, we decided to try the
Hey kulot girls, don't fight it, embrace it!
Struggling with curly hair? Those shampoo commercials may tell you otherwise, but having curly hair is a blessing, not a curse! All you need is to arm yourself with the right tools, a confident outlook, and these hair care tips to guarantee
His top knot is making us feel ~*things*~.
Ooooh, Jericho Rosales. *sighs*He was one of the first guys to ever make our hearts flutter on local primetime TV and, now, more than a decade later, we still consider him our ultimate teenage dream!The Kapamilya star has only gotten
You will be OBSESSED.
Ever curled your hair only to end up with sad, limp locks? It's probably because you're missing this one clever hair trick to score big and bouncy curls.Lauren Valenti, Digital Editor of Marie Claire, shared a trick she picked
You read that right.
In case the day comes that you can't find your rollers or curling iron anywhere but you have a pack of balloons, know that you can actually create voluminous waves with them. At least, this tutorial says so:Okay, we honestly
Time to practice!
The first time you get your own curling iron is exciting. You end up playing with it for hours to achieve your dream curls and waves-until you realize you have no idea what you're doing and that you almost always
Lusting for Victoria's Secret Angel-esque tresses, but don't know where to go? Our style & beauty correspondent points you in the right direction!
I bet there are just as many ladies out there who watch the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as there are men. I also bet that, while guys are drawn to the sight of Miranda Kerr bouncing, er, strutting down the
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