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So. Much. GIGIL!!!
Is there a better way to pass the time and relieve stress other than watching babies do the most adorable things? Admit it: You're guilty of browsing through videos of Manila's next-gen It Girls or future heartthrobs for hooours.
You have to see his pop culture costumes, too!
Our hearts have been stolen by this super cute Pinoy baby! 10-month-old Ringo Sid is giving ~*stylish*~ twentysomething men a run for their money with some seriously cool OOTDs!Ringo's parents, Gino and Cathy, love dressing up their son.
Work, work, fashion babies.
PHOTO: Love Is PhotographyThey might not be old enough to write hashtags themselves yet, but sisters Isabella and Scarlett Drenk are already Instagram famous. No, really. They have more than 16,000 followers and counting on their account @DrenkGirls, which is brimming
The sweetness. It is almost too much. Almost.
If this doesn't make your ovaries and heart merge into one perfect union of baby-loving joy, then you might not have ovaries and/or a heart and/or eyes and/or a soul and/or a pulse. Because seriously, this