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So cute!
In today's KathNiel feel-good news, Kathryn Bernardo just shared the cutest photos of her and boyfriend Daniel Padilla with their pet dogs. Here's Kathryn with Cloud, a golden retriever:Here's Daniel chilling with Tala, a Samoyed:Kathryn has
It worked, but not in the way I'd expected.
In the meet-cute fantasy of my dreams, a hot guy approaches me as I'm picnicking in Central Park, reading a book at a coffee shop, or some other Meg Ryan fairy tale activity. And yet, after seven years in
You have to see the doggy raincoats!
Get ready for the most stylish and adorable thing you'll see today!Pawkier, a streetwear brand for dogs (yup, you heard it right), is pretty much our newest Insta-obsession as they regularly bless our feeds with the most adorable
Work it, mama!
Ana Paula GrilloI'm sorry, I'm sure your maternity photos are gorgeous, but this is next level. I'm screaming.Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo captured the rotund grace of adorable doxie, Lilica, right before she gave birth to five puppies.
Munchkin is half Shih Tzu, half teddy bear.
Meet Munchkin, the cutest Shih Tzu-turned-teddy bear we have ever seen. His owners had the genius idea of making a custom-made teddy bear suit for the adorable pup, and now the world is falling in love with him. P.
Teach me how to dougie!
Cuteness overload! Dougie the Shih Tzu has stolen our hearts. How can anyone resist that cute little face? If you're looking for a daily dose of happiness on your Instagram feeds, we suggest you follow @dailydougie NOW. Enjoy!"Ain't I
Looks like we aren't the only ones enjoying the holidays!
Happy Christmas, CGs! For feel-good vibes this Yuletide season, we're sharing photos of the cutest pets celebrating the holidays! Enjoy!
These dogs are so cute, the cats are getting jealous.
Thanks to Google Zeitgeist, a collection of the top search queries around the world, we found out that so many of you guys logged on to to research on dog breeds this year. We can't blame ya! Dogs