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Share your cute officemates' photos with us by using the hashtag #CosmoOfficeCrush on Instagram!
Nothing makes Monday blues and never-ending deadlines infinitely better than hot officemates to have coffee with!We at want to know: Do YOU have a cute guy colleague? Post his photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #CosmoOfficeCrush + his
Where are all the hotties hiding?
We know exactly how you feel-it's as if every cutie in the metro is engaged, in a long-term relationship, or basically just made up in your head. Well, not to worry Cosmo girls, because we've been there and
Cosmo spotted hot male celebs and hunks at the Candy Fair, the annual event of our sister magazine. See them and their answers to our fun question in this gallery.
At one point in our student lives, we've all attended a school fair. Ever gone to the fair of an exclusive school for boys in the hopes of getting "caught" and brought to the marriage find your crush waiting
You voted him as your fave Cosmo Summer's Steamy Stud last April. As promised, we're bringing him back as the featured hunk online, 'til September ends!
Because it's September and Cosmo is overflowing with hot men, we knew we had to bring you an extra special Online Hunk--one you've been clamoring to see again in our online pages. You've been wanting to find out
We got to chat with the charming <i>American Idol</i> champ--before he hit the Manila stage--about his budding career, lasting romance, and who will win Season 10.
Admit it: sometimes after a great live episode of American Idol, you just want to ignore the "You Cannot Vote" disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, and pick up the phone to attempt an international call. We tune-in not just
At a concert in Eastwood City, Cosmo asked some good-looking guys we spotted where they would take you when they're on <i>tipid</i> mode for the holidays.
When much of everyone's paychecks is blown on gifts for loved ones, holiday party preparations, and holiday outfits, you really can't expect even your guy to have enough left to take you out on fancy dates, at least this time
At the NU Rock Awards, Cosmo asked men about their musical pet peeves.
Men's taste in music is one of the things we sometimes don't understand-and should never mess with. Take your guy, for example. You may agree on some playlist choices, but he'd avoid altogether a few artists, albums, genres,
Do you know how to bring out the hot, wild beast in every man? At a party, Cosmo cornered these hunks to find out what it takes.
Every week, we give you tips on how to drive your man wild in bed. But how do you even get to that point? What do men really go crazy for?Cosmo attended one hot, wild party hosted by Bigfish when world-
On a night out, Cosmo checked out the most dashing dudes and asked them when it's appropriate to let you cash out on your rendezvous.
Times have changed. The Pinoy male of past generations used to spoil his lady with the most expensive gifts and dates his money can afford until the object of his affection said "yes" to his advances. This practice, which used to be
At the Candy Fair, the event of our sister magazine, we scoped out gorgeous guys and found out how they turn the <i>kilig</i> on!
Boys, no matter how tough they look, have a soft side lurking underneath those masculine looks. Boys, just like girls, think of ways to please their special someone. It's a pleasure for them to make her feel special. They can be
In a special double-party Guyspotting feature, Cosmo asked college cuties what they like best about YOUR body!
If you're on a mission to snag a guy, you can get one step closer to success through your clothes. And we don't mean taking them off! Highlight the feature that would grab his attention--especially if you know it
...PLUS hunky basketball players from Ateneo, La Salle, and University of the East!
To put a twist to Cosmo's usual Guyspotting coverage, especially for the UAAP series, we won't just take photos of cute guys among the sports fans and ask them our Cosmo question. We'll also be taking photos of hot
While we know (or assume) that men are visual creatures, do they actually like it when a woman bares too much skin? We asked some guys we spotted at a fashion show.
It's not just the women who attend fashion shows; Cosmo spotted some cute guys, too, at a fashion show for Jaciendera, an online-based clothing store, when it launched its July-August Collection in a sizzling fashion show at Fuel Bar,
Cosmo attended the party for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women, who paraded in revealing clothes. Would the cute guys we spotted let their girls be as scantily clad?
There are days when we girls feel like going sexy and wearing outfits that bare more skin. After all, who can blame us when the weather's so warm here, especially with El Nino? And while a lot of guys like ogling
As UAAP season opens, Cosmo chicks can look forward to seeing HOT basketball players--and cute sports fans. But do these studs want you in the bleachers with them?
As more and more college chicks are turning to Cosmo, we of course want to check out what you, fun, fearless kolehiyalas care about. And we know that one of them is the UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines, which
If the way to his heart is through his stomach, know what would hit the spot for these guys we spotted at an ice cream launch event.
We women never run out of reasons to turn to food--when we need comfort, when we're happy and in a celebratory mood, when we're stressed, etc. It's also what we love to give our men (especially when we'
Check out our very first What's In My Bag--Guy Edition!
You read it right, and we'll say it again-we're having our first What's In My Bag? Guy Edition. For the moment, we're veering from the usual routine, which is (more often than not) seeking female celebs and
Love spying on our Summer Studs? We’ve got one more batch to make you hot! See the rest of the hunks--Joseph, Leo, and Michael--in the last set of sneak peeks!
Still drooling over the season’s sizzling stunners? Feast your eyes on the next batch of beachside hunks, Jome, Kazuo, Kenjie, and Elvin, at the Summer Stud shoots!
Can't decide which of Cosmo's summertime hunks deserves your vote? Get to know Adam, Alvin, Andrew, and Bryann in the first of our three behind-the-scenes galleries!