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This is for anyone who still uses '1234.' Pull it together.
Guys, it's 2017. It's time you know: You shouldn't be using "password" as your password. It's like you're asking to get hacked. If people can steal your personal information using your selfie, you better believe that something
No matter what a woman's political affiliations are, her rights must be respected.
Before anything else, this has to be clear: No woman should be subjected to online violence. It does not matter what her political affiliations are, her rights as a woman must be respected.Attacked OnlineAmid the political turmoil that the Philippines is
Today, the Cybercrime Prevention Act, which spells drastic consequences for Internet users, takes effect. Where do YOU stand on this controversial law? Vote in our poll!
Filipino netizens have erupted in a mass uproar over Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012--which takes effect today, October 3--with good reason.To its credit, RA 10175 aims to criminalize malicious offenses such as online