I'm happy to say I found my new go-to workout!
My relationship with fitness has always been a little complicated. I used to be very active. In high school, I was a part of my batch's cheerdancing team. There was also a time in college when I danced hip-hop almost
Take your pick!
This is for everyone out there who's wasted money on gym memberships only to realize that hey, you don't have the energy to go enough times to justify that giant expense. Taking different workout classes might be a
Newbies are especially susceptible.
Spinning can be a hell of a workout, one reason why it's daunting for newbies (and challenging for regulars too). But there may be more to fear than sweating your butt off, according to an April report published in the American
Here's why she deserved the title.
It's official-Jennylyn Mercado is FHM's number one sexiest woman!From the fourth spot last year, the men's magazine's three-time cover girl has successfully overthrown soon-to-be mommy Marian Rivera in the country's most esteemed
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