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At an event that challenged guests to go celestial, Cosmo asked some fashionable gals to tell us what risks they have taken in the name of style.
Still with a hangover from last month's daring theme, Cosmo asked fasyon gals we spotted at a "heavenly" event to tell us what fashion risks they have taken. We were prepared to hear anything and everything, as these ladies impressed us
Think you know every juicy bit about this hot showbiz sweetheart? Guess again. On the last week of Daring Month, we reveal his answers to our daring questions.
In the spirit of Cosmo's Daring Month, we brought you hot half-naked shots of our online hottie Nico Ibaviosa. From the pool, to the bathroom, and later to the shower, you saw Nico's lean swimmer body in all its
Cosmo attended the party for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women, who paraded in revealing clothes. Would the cute guys we spotted let their girls be as scantily clad?
There are days when we girls feel like going sexy and wearing outfits that bare more skin. After all, who can blame us when the weather's so warm here, especially with El Nino? And while a lot of guys like ogling
Our July cover girl Lady Gaga rocks a daring face to go with her big attitude. Will you dare to try these 18 bold makeup picks?
Set your boring old browns and nudes aside, just for now. Put down that demure pinkish brown lipstick, toss aside that clear lip gloss, and shelf that standard lip-and-cheek tint. It's time to take your cues from our bold,
Our Style & Beauty columnist defines the fine line between sexy and skanky clothing. Read on.
There's truth to the saying, "Life is a stage and we're all but characters that play a role..." So we're playing roles huh? But, um, what exactly are we wearing?Call it shallow, but wardrobe has always been integral
The July swoonfest continues, as we ask our young showbiz hunk all the juicy questions about women. Find out if you'd be his type.
After getting all that career, school, and other basic getting-to-know topics out of the way, now we move on to the more daring Cosmo questions that we promised you we'll ask our July Online Hunk Nico Ibaviosa.He didn'
Shopping for school? Thinking of slowly replacing your summer wardrobe? You can never go wrong with a signature pair of jeans worn with a statement-making top.
Our October 2009 cover girl takes <em>fasyon</em> risks for Cosmo. Cutout, short ensembles showed off her sexy curves.
Stop being a <em>segurista</em>! Take a gamble in the mating game to boost your confidence and give him an experience he’ll never forget.