Yes, armpit masks are a thing.
Ever wonder if you should be doing more than just slapping on some deodorant on your underarms? We asked eight Pinays how they take care of their kilikili. Check out their routines below!Instagram: @_margauxlimProduct: DEONAT Mineral Deodorant SprayRoutine: I invested in
Let in the light.
Newsflash: underarm whitening doesn't have to be painful (and, you know, painfully expensive). Some of the best spot fighters can be found right in your pantry! Keep scrolling for six super ingredients that are fantastic remedies for dark underarms.You&#
She reveals the best solutions for the most embarrassing beauty problems.
For part two of our new web series, CosmoConvo, we asked one of the Philippines' most famous dermatologists, Vicki Belo, M.D., for the best solutions for the most embarrassing skin issues: sweaty armpits, dandruff, and dark underarms and singit. VIDEO
Simple remedies that are worth a try!
Dyahe about your dark pits? Some women turn to laser treatments to whiten trouble areas, but that can get expensive-bad news if you're on a budget. Does that mean you're resigned to hiding behind sleeved tops for life? Of
If you're feeling a little insecure about your armpits, it may be high time to ditch your deo for an all-natural whitening solution.
Dear Agoo, Is there a safe and effective way to lighten dark underarms? I don't want to go through expensive laser surgery, so are there products like deodorants I can use to help whiten my armpits?Sally, 29Hi, Sally!The best
Say goodbye to dark, unsightly underarms with a new whitening cream, and say hello to a sexier, more confident you.
So you got invited by your long-time beau to meet his parents. Finally! You want to especially impress his picky mom, but you want to look stunning for your boyfriend, too. Obviously, you know you'll look gorgeous with your favorite
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