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Cute ways to spend time with your Valentine without breaking the bank!
There are lots of reasons why people choose not to splurge on Valentine's Day. You could be a student on a budget or waiting on a paycheck that hasn't come in yet. Or maybe your date just isn't into
For a pair of big eaters, it was such a challenge.
My boyfriend and I enjoy spending our money-it's one of the perks of adulting, am I right? But with everything, there's always a downside: We gradually gained weight, acquired a pile of credit card debt, and neglected to save
*plays La Vie En Rose in the background*
Got an anniversary coming up? Or is your special someone celebrating a birthday milestone this month? Tempting as it may be to go with what's trending, we have to admit that getting all dolled up for a night of dinner and
And no, we're not talking about dinner and a movie.
Not to hate on couples who celebrate Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie, but we're young! We can be a little more creative than that, right? Impress your significant other with plans like get
Classic declarations of love? Hard pass.
While we acknowledge the fact that Filipinos are known for our romantic and sentimental ways, not everyone fits that mold. Believe it or not, there are people who prefer more subtle displays of affection. If you and bae are more chill than
Unless he's the greatest liar of all time.
It's normal to worry that maybe, just maybe, your partner could be unfaithful. Even if it's totally unwarranted and your relationship is great, that kind of self-doubt can creep in on occasion. And people can cheat for any number
Um, yuck?!
When you're really into someone, you notice all his details-his smile, how he smells, and even the way he texts. But did you know that what he eats also impacts how attractive you think he is?A new report in
It'll make your relationship stronger, promise.
1. The one they do all the timeA successful relationship is often built on months of time being spent together, which inevitably means dates become more and more frequent-but that doesn't mean less exciting. Whether it's your favorite pizza
Celebrate the boos with your boo.
While dressing up as Hiddleswift and dancing your way to a costume party is always a good idea, here are some low-key alternatives to spending the scariest time of the year with bae.1. Tour haunted houses.We all know that
There are many, many ways to strengthen your relationship with the bae!
Forget dinner and a movie! Take your date nights to a whole new level with these fun and exciting activities: 1. Conquer a mountain together.It's going to be tiring, but it's also fulfilling. Just imagine the beautiful landscape you
So you feel calm, confident, and totally not worried about your breath!
1. To feel calmer: AvocadoRich in stress-relieving B vitamins to help ease any pre-date jitters, avocados are also packed with monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, which over time are vital for dewy, glowing skin. Mash up your avocado with some
In the age of social media and FWB, is old-school courtship gone forever?
Like the word irog, or the gentle strumming of a guitar underneath capiz-laden shutters, or even that Parokya ni Edgar song "Harana," ligaw seems to be a concept so archaic it deserves its own Instagram filter. In today's culture, crows
This list isn't a joke.
1. We're guaranteed to make your day better, like a human version of pizza. Had a crappy day at work? Get in a fight with your best friend? You know that if you call us up to hang out, we'll
"Not all fat girls are really insecure."
Whitney Thore from TLC's ​My Big Fat Fabulous Life ​stopped by to give some dating advice. Here are some very important things Thore wants you to know: 1. When planning a date for a larger lady, don't only
His face might say, 'Whatever, brah,' but his heart is saying, 'Dude, bro.'
1. Whether the restaurant he chose is not only something you like but something that reflects positively on him, as if choosing "‹La Jardin speaks volumes about the purity of his soul. "‹One of the worst things that can happen to a
Save on gas money!
A date with your significant other doesn't always have involve a candlelit dinner in a crowded restaurant or a blockbuster at the nearest cinema. In fact, you don't necessarily have to leave your house at all. Here are a few
He remembers every story about your ex and would never do the things he did.
1. He remembers every story about your ex and would never do the things he did. That guy who licked your face last summer? The guy who slept with you and then stopped calling you for no reason? Yeah, he remembers all
She knows the value of home.
1. She loves to have fun. This doesn't mean she goes clubbing or hooks up with locals or fellow travelers every night. She'll check out a bar or two, yes. But a true fun-loving person finds enjoyment in a
He's not necessarily childish! He can be a dreamboat, too.
1. His mental skills are sharper than those of non-gamers. Video games have been proven to help improve spatial orientation, memory, and strategic planning.2. His motor skills are sharper, too. He has developed quick reaction time, and fast hands and
Aside from the fact that you're a lucky guy.
1. Her couches are covered with blankets. No, it's not because she's always cold (though she might be that too). She's just trying to keep his dirty paws from messing up her furniture without going into