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Does this sound like bae?
Everyone would love to think the person they're attracted to is emotionally intelligent. While *~sensitivity~* and emotional intelligence are linked, truly emotionally intelligent people are way different than the brooding fuckboys who haunt your DMs because they "just really miss you"
They may sound a bit insane but are all actually totally legit.
1. He never cries. If you're balling your eyes out at a YouTube video of an elderly couple explaining how they've kept their love alive for 70 years, and he doesn't so much as bat an eyelid he's
If he hugs you with his hand perpetually lingering on the small of your back, leave him.
Any dude whom you feel like you'd have to lie to about your Harry Style tickets can GTFO. If you can't be honest about your love of bad reality TV (it's good because you recognize how bad it is,
Like posting a pic with your very attractive and very platonic guy friend.
With every breakup that leaves you feeling generally underappreciated, part of the healing process might involve doing a thing or two to gently remind your ex that, um hello, you are the shit. If you're out doing things that genuinely make
'Breadcrumbing' is the new millennial dating trend, and we hate it.
Let us refresh your memory: Ghosting is when someone you're dating or at least regularly flirting with decides to disappear from your life without warning. But now millennials are all about "breadcrumbing," which sounds weirdly like "benching." And it'
It's been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary!
Great news, ladies! You know that one person in your life who shut you down when you were freaking out about that asshole who ghosted you? He or she said something along the lines of, "You probably just misunderstood what was happening."
It's science.
Bearded fellas everywhere, step forth! For you, my fuzzy-faced friends, have been lauded long-term relationship gold. Science says so.The science-backed conclusion comes courtesy of a study, led by Barnaby Dixson and published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology,
'He threw money at me in a crowded restaurant.'
You know that feeling you get when you're dating someone and you realize that-hold up-this is not the love all those Beatles (or okay, Taylor Swift) songs were going on about? We've all been there, and yet the
By focusing on these five things, you can improve your relationship.
We often confuse something important about love. We tend to see it as a state of enthusiasm. But "to love" is a verb, and verbs are dynamic. They imply action, intention, and responsibility. By focusing on these five verbs, people can very
You'll never look at short guys the same way again.
I know many an otherwise open-minded woman who swears that she would never date someone shorter than she is, and I used to count myself among them. I clock in at 5-foot-10, a good 6 inches taller than the
Surprise, surprise.
In what is now considered the most annoying finding about dating (according to us, at least), there is now scientific proof that men are not attracted to clever women.Polish researchers had 500 participants do activities similar to speed-dating. Men and
'Hey baby, what's in your genetic coding?'
Surely you remember that fateful day you met the love of your life. What was it that first made you swoon? Was it his sparkling eyes, his sense of humor, or his love of death metal? Despite all the heart-eye emojis
'I broke up with a girl I loved because it was getting toxic.'
Make no mistake: It's hard for guys to break up with a girl. Guys don't put in a Herculean effort to win a girl over in the first place only to dump the person they had invested countless dates, feelings,
Does it matter?
Globally, circumcision is mostly associated with Muslim and Jewish cultures, with Muslims accounting for the majority of circumcised men. But in the Philippines, 93 per cent of Pinoys are tuli. Here, it is a rite of passage; personal hygiene is secondary to
Secondhand smoke is no joke.
1. Smelling like cigarette smoke at the end of the day.Even when you aren't the one huffing and puffing on those death-sticks, your clothes and your hair start reeking because of secondhand smoke. It's just not fair!2.
Bakit naka-shades kayong lahat?
Last month, we featured Tinder taglines that guys are sick of seeing. Now, it's time for revenge! After quizzing a few CGs about the things men should quit posting on the dating app, we learned that, more than one-liner bios,
Our parents are overprotective...
1. We are not spoiled brats.Many people think that being an only child means having all the things we want in the world and getting them in an instant. But in reality, that's not always what happens. We're no
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
It's time to rethink your checklist. You know which one we're talking about-that list that says your future boyfriend has to be tall, rich, successful, and handsome. On top of that, he has to have graduated from one of
Nice guys don't always finish last.
1. He treats you as his queen.He spoils you with affection, and he always makes sure your needs come first. It doesn't always have to be something grand, but his instinct to carry an extra jacket when you're watching
He texts you nonstop for a week, but then falls off the map. UHM, HELLO?!
I'm gonna be real RN: I have zero doubt that you and I have both been labeled "crazy" by someone we've dated in the past. Why? It's simple. Dudes have a tendency to be what I like to refer