Their IG posts are sooo cute!
Guys, Leila Alcasid, 21, is being linked to fellow singer and artist Mito Fabie! Mito, 26, is popularly known by his stage name Curtismith and is part of James Reid's music label Careless Music Manila. Leila and Curtismith recently posted
Is he cute, or are your ideas about how tall your man should be just wildly incorrect?
Like most things that go viral, the question is both relatable and haunting: Is he cute, or is he just tall?It's an exposing personal critique and it calls for a moment of self-reflection. Do you have great taste
Too, too cute!
It's legit: Maine Mendoza just went Instagram-official with Arjo Atayde. Yesterday, February 20, Maine was launched as the Philippine ambassador of MAC Cosmetics' Studio Fix line. It was a huge milestone for her career and it seems that
Step away from the sunglass pic.
Want to give your dating profile a makeover? I talked to Tinder's dating and relationship expert, Darcy Sterling, PhD, to learn all her secrets, tricks, and tiny tweaks so that you'll get more matches with the right people for
Read this before you surprise your boo with whipped cream panties.
Astrology helps you deepen your understanding of yourself and others, fueling empathy, compassion, and kindness across all relationships. It can also help you figure out what revs your boo's engine and, alternatively, what causes them to come to a screeching
Take a cue from our current fave couple!
Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos are a low-key couple who we've been keeping tabs on for date inspo. Ever since they went ~public~ in July 2018, we noticed that their IG feeds now give us a glimpse of their
Check out the sign of that cutie who caught your eye!
No one likes the prospect of one-way flirting, right? So, save yourself any potential cringe or embarrassment by checking out the star sign of the person you're into.Each zodiac sign has certain tells or giveaways that they fancy
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