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'I don't have much materially, but I have so much in my heart.'
The past year hasn't been easy for Lauren Young, who opened up about several issues in the latest video on her YouTube channel. In the upload, Lauren talks about how she's bouncing back from her weight gain, debt,
'Instagram, or any picture-perfect life, is not worth going into debt for.'
Lissette Calveiro, a 26-year-old working in PR and marketing, owed about $10,000 in credit card bills when she moved to New York City in 2016, she told the New York Post. Before prioritizing marketing, Calveiro was trying to supplement
Work your way towards financial freedom!
1. Make a budget. If you're drowning in massive debt, the last thing you want to do is to dig a deeper hole. Otherwise, you'd be creating more problems for yourself. Instead, get organized. Make a spreadsheet of your expenses
That's 2.5 BILLION pesos!
Kanye West declared that he is $53 million in debt in a series of posts on Twitter, just days after he launched his latest fashion collection and unveiled his new album.The rapper made the claim just before his appearance on U.