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Ever said something to your guy that you don't really mean?
We found a pretty priceless thread in the Fun Fearless Forum about white lies women tell their men. We're pretty sure a guy started the topic, but we gotta say, some posts were right on track! Here, we compiled some of
From checking out chicks to watching porn to dumping via text, the <i>Boys' Night Out</i> DJ sheds light on the issues that bug us about men.
Since it's Men, Men, Men month here at Cosmo, we want to do more than just let you feast on a sumptuous boyfriend buffet. We're taking this chance to shed light on some of the issues that seriously baffle us
Wondering what's up with your BF? Don't fret. We show you how to figure out what he's thinking by watching for these bodily signals.
Physical contact makes it easier to pick up immediately on your guy's perspective, since you can actually feel his body react to your hand (as opposed to having to gauge his facial expression or tone of voice). Look for these clues
Learn how to solve these everyday conversation roadblocks that nearly every couple faces.
Talk Hurdle #1: In The CarGuy style: He's into peace and quiet, and the open road; it's the perfect chance to chill out--in silence--with you.Girl style: You see this as prime, uninterrupted couple time to discuss...stuff.
Men and women communicate differently, so it's important to understand how he thinks as he talks. Here's a quick primer.
1. They don't volley.Men are more comfortable sitting in silence than women are, so if they don't have something specific to say or feel the need to elaborate, they'll clam up--leaving you to keep the conversation rolling.
Got a hot date or new summer romance? If you want to know more about him, just pay attention to his puckers.
The Lip BiterA man will do this when he's holding something back--he's literally forcing his lips closed so that he won't blurt out what he's thinking. This will often happen when he's feeling an intense emotion,
Here's a handy skill to practice on your dates this summer: Learn how to spot a liar right away through his body language.
1. He shugs his shoulders.If you ask him a question about his past and catch him doing this a lot, it could be a sign of uncertainty. So if he does so while talking definitively, be suspicious.2. He contradicts himself.
Want to know what's really going through your guy's mind? Watch his hands! Find out what <i>his</i> sign language really means.
Okay SignWhen a guy is happy with how things are going, he'll often make this sign of approval without realizing it. For example, he may rest his hand on the table with his thumb and index fingers touching if he is
Find out what your hot coworker is really saying between the lines!
He brags about some big accomplishment.You think: "Mayabang!" It could mean: He may just really like you. By boasting, he's actually trying to impress you by "proving" that he could be a provider.He hates his job or his boss.
Here are three ways to tell if the guy you're seeing won't be getting into a serious relationship with you anytime soon (or, at all).
He's a little too mysterious.The strong, silent type may be sexy, but a man who wants to get serious will open up about stuff like his family. If he doesn't, he's avoiding bonding so he can keep things
Find out if the features you're self-conscious about during dates are making a blip on his radar.
When you have an annoying breakout on your chin or you've forgotten to touch up your roots, you might think it's all your date is looking at. Well, relax. "Most men aren't picking up on the things [that] we
While meeting or trying to get to know men online can be tricky since you have very little info to work with, what a guy writes online actually reveals a lot about his potential (or lack of it).
1. He's precoccupied with appearances.Sure, looks are part of the equation, but be wary of a man who emphasizes them in his description ("six-pack abs") or lists physical features he wants in a woman ("tisay, 5 feet 5 inches
If he's still hung up on a past relationship, be wary of falling for him. Avoid potential heartbreak by sussing out how he feels about his former flame.
1. He talks trash.You may think his admission that his ex was a two-timing b#@$% is a sure sign that he's done with her, but that degree of passion--even if it's in the form of anger--proves
We know that guys aren't big on talking about their feelings, but you can get a clue from his body language. We got experts to tell us what they mean.
His Touch #1: The Sideways Lean-InYou'll notice this gesture when you're sitting next to each other on a date. It's subtle and might seem like an accident (for example, you brush shoulders sharing a menu), but it might
Want to know just how serious he is about you? These behaviors signal that he's ready to take the relationship to a deeper level.
1. He starts talking specifics.If "We should take a trip sometime" has become "Let's go to Boracay for the holidays," your guy is sending a strong signal. Making concrete plans indicates not only that he sees you in his future,
The topics he brings up during small talk reveal a lot about his dating motives. Learn what they mean.
He Brings Up: Your Tastes. Queries about where you like to shop or hang out could be him fishing for hints on how to impress you...or trying to figure out whether he'll be able to keep up with that lifestyle.
Learn what his first performance in bed says about his potential as a long-term lover.
The move: During foreplay, he wants to know if what he's doing feels good.What it means: He's hoping to please you. Sex with a guy who asks questions right away about what you like will get even better in
Some actions that initially seem like turn-offs are actually signs he wants to impress you. Here's how to get the real deal.
Move #1: He brags about himself.Successful guys who are used to getting praise from their peers may fall back on their resumes during dates, too. Cut through the boasting with emotion-based questions about why he likes his big-bucks job
Have you got your guy's preferences all figured out? Give him a treat once in a while, and initiate a date tailored for him. Find out how through this quiz!
Do men really prefer women with long hair?'s Style & Beauty columnist tries to find out and divulges some hair secrets in the process.
Admit it, attention from hot guys is one of our major motivations for wanting to take good care of our hair. In particular, it's why most women love to wear their precious mane long and lush.Do all men only