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Cozy and homey!
We spend a lot of time looking at enormous celebrity homes, but the reality of our living space is a little different. We're all about space-saving hacks, small bedroom ideas and inexpensive ways to make our space more luxe.
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We've been seeing a lot of #roommakeover posts on our Insta feeds lately, and with the rise in online shopping, the variety of choices can be overwhelming. If you've been creating home decor wish lists or Pinterest boards
So, so pretty!
You might be wondering: Does she have a Marjorie Barretto alert on her phone or...? The answer is no, but I swear, this woman is my new obsession! In her most recent vlog, shot a day before her birthday, Marjorie takes us
Seriously, small things can do wonders.
If your little bedroom is also the place you eat, work, Sims, and chill, then it's probably the perfect time to upgrade your situation. Don't worry though. You don't have to blow that savings to get
Non-hues can make a statement, too.
Whether you call it modern minimalism, the Marie Kondo effect or a growing hipster trend, you can't deny the fact that all-white interiors are here to stay. This milky non-color is your best bet when you can't decide
Take a peek inside the castle-like haven!
Some say that the house mirrors the stage of life the owner is currently in. From compact units perfect for solo living, many have transitioned into bigger spaces after getting married to start a family of their own. When actress Cristine Reyes
Explore your creativity and save money at the same time.
The most wonderful time of the year is also the most expensive time of the year. And while we can't (and won't) tell you to forego gift giving, we're here to show you how you can save some extra
Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
If, for some reason, you're too busy (or too broke) to go all out on your Christmas decor, here's a tip to keep your home ~*festive*~ this month. People all over the world have been turning their favorite reads into
Would you try this trend?
There are not enough words to describe our love for Christmas trees. Seeing our Christmas tree sparkle means the holiday season has officially arrived, and Christmas Day is just around the corner.While we're used to seeing our trees glisten with
No, it's not your boss. It's your pile of crap.
1. Organization stationA lack of functional and attractive office space might be cluttering your brain more than you think, and in turn, making you more unproductive and unhappy. Invest in storage like filing cabinets, whiteboards or chalkboards, and desk organizers to keep
Seriously small things that can do wonders.
1. Make your bed. It sounds so dumb and simple, but the payoff for doing this one super-tiny thing will be huge. Not only will you feel like you accomplished something first thing in the morning, you'll also feel so
Take the boredom out of your room with these fun and functional décor ideas!
1. Chalkboard Daily PlannerPaint 7 pieces of wooden blocks or cardboard with chalkboard paint to represent each day of the week. With colorful chalk, write down reminders or draw cute characters to hang on your wall.2. Music WallDecorate a blank wall
Small space? No prob!
Just moved out? Here, tips on how to maximize the space inside your compact condo unit.
Moving out of your parents' home (within 2013!) is totally possible. One fun, fearless female shows you exactly how.
We got to chat with the jetsetting supermodel when we featured her artsy pad in the April issue. Let Raya fill you in on her year-round travel tips, and view outtakes from her shoot!
Raya Mananquil is the prime example of a fearless jetsetter. Having been a model since her high school days, the columnist and occasional events host has been lucky enough to travel to many exciting places for both work and downtime.When we
Cosmo's sister publication <i>Real Living Magazine</i> came up with a nifty book on decorating small spaces. Read about it here, then go grab a copy. It's just P195!
Did you just buy your hard-earned first condo or moved out to assert your independence and rented a studio? Or are you so bored and nasisikipan in your room, you want to redecorate? We know that more and more of you,
You don’t need to shell out that much for your fab party dream. Learn tips on how to host spectacular parties on a budget from celebrity event planner Colin Cowie.
Well, there's one word to describe this time of year: It's par-tay. And while you've been invited to many a fabulous fete, have you ever thrown one yourself? Now, don't stress. Between us,
Get a mini life makeover and improve big and small details of your life with the help of these companions and must-trys.