"She's the kindest person I know."
An Imgur user posted a photo of the touching note her husband drew on their mirror, as a show of support while she was struggling with depression. Mollywho wrote on Imgur that she's faced a lot of difficult times since marrying
When Danielle Hark told a guy she met in college that she couldn't be with him because of her mental health challenges, she never dreamed they'd reconnect years later.
When Danielle Hark met her now-husband Adam, they were instantly attracted to each other but her undiagnosed depression kept her from dating him. Now the founder and director of Broken Light, a photography collective for people affected by mental illness, Hark
Depression doesn't choose its victims.
Contrary to the myths still circulating in society, clinical depression doesn't choose its victims. It can happen to a person of any age, educational attainment, religion, financial status, upbringing, and personality. It can happen to even the kindest, strongest, and most
What do you do when your man is down in the dumps? We've got some suggestions on how you can help raise his spirits.
Women may be perceived as the sex more prone to mood swings, but even guys get the blues every now and then. When he's obviously feeling sad or depressed but doesn't want to open up about it, it can be
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