'Sharing his struggles and thoughts with fans seems to have been very beneficial to him.'
Justin Bieber has been having a bit of a tough time lately-he was recently blamed for ruining a whole canyon in Iceland (confusing, I know) and he faced a ton of backlash for his and wife Hailey Baldwin's April
We know exercise can improve mental health, but some can be more effective than others.
When you've got depression, getting out of bed can feel hard enough. But conversely, exercise is actually an incredibly useful tool to help combat some of the symptoms."When you exercise you release 'feel good' hormones called endorphins
Oh no!
Even though Justin Bieber has millions of dollars and a wife who (maybe?) calls him "daddy," Biebs is still having a tough time.Last month it was reported that Justin was receiving treatment for depression, and that it has nothing to do
'My life became different in one snap. I was really insecure.'
In an interview with Karen Davila yesterday, Nadine Lustre opened up about depression and the suicide of her brother Isaiah in 2017."I was completely destroyed when my brother passed away," the Ulan actress admitted. "It was super sudden kasi. [Just the
He's also been dealing with some mental health issues lately.
When Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got secret-married this past fall at a New York City courthouse, people were low-key shocked to find out they didn't have a prenup. It's becoming an issue for Justin, who's been
You're not alone.
Depression is a mental health issue that affects a lot of people-someone close to you might be experiencing it. Without understanding depression and, in some instances, the shame a person feels about being depressed, the experience can be confusing. Here are
There might be a real, scientific reason behind the problem.
It's weird how sometimes, despite having had a solid eight hours of sleep the night before, you can find it almost impossible to get out of bed. How can this be? It doesn't make sense. Sure, your bed
It really affects anyone.
Although more and more people are becoming aware of mental health and the illnesses that come with it, there are still some who feel the need to say "it's all in your mind" or "happiness is a choice."It'
'Let your loved ones love you.'
Kiana Valenciano recently posted a photo on her Instagram showing her neck tattoo where she revealed the meaning behind it on the caption."2016 was a really heavy year for me. I was dealing with anxiety and depression and reached the point
You have to hear her heartfelt message about mental health.
Today, July 14, Isabelle Daza posted on IGTV some parts of a talk she did about mental health.In her talk, she recalls that after giving birth, she received messages from people asking her how she was, as they thought she may
There may be some other underlying causes aside from diet and exercise.
Let's be clear: there's no shame in putting on a bit of weight. Sometimes it means you've been exercising less or eating more, and that's OK. It's just the way the cookie
'Sinasabi ko ito para sa lahat ng mga na-bully, binu-bully, at mabu-bully."'
Jessy Mendiola is opening up on her depression and suicidal thoughts, and is speaking up against cyberbullying through a series of posts on her Instagram stories, posted early morning today, June 10.The first story is a screenshot of a comment by
The app also connects individuals with licensed professionals.
Dealing with depression can be extremely challenging, especially for working adults. While students can at least take a break from school, adults often keep their condition a secret for fear of the stigma surrounding depression in the workplace.Then there's
The program took place in NYC, and the she reportedly feels 'very empowered.'
PEOPLE is reporting that Selena Gomez recently completed a two-week program to treat anxiety and depression in New York City. One source tells PEOPLE that the singer and actress wanted to "get away and focus on herself with no distractions," adding
Jas got emotional when she spoke about the body shaming she recently received.
Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith spoke about how she was affected by the body shaming she received after her noticeable weight loss in the recent months. In a report by PEP.ph, she tearfully admitted the emotional toll of dealing with people who
If you have closer relationship with the snooze button than your own partner, take note.
It's weird how sometimes, despite having had a solid eight hours of sleep the night before, you can find it almost impossible to get out of bed. But why? It doesn't make sense. Sure, your bed is nice
"Now I am bolder to face it head on."
Nadine Lustre's father, Ulysses Lustre, talks about his own battle with depression on his Facebook page. On October 14, 2017, Ulysses posted a message for this late son and Nadine's brother, Isaiah.The 16-year-old Isaiah Lustre
'I decided to open up to Nadine not expecting for her to reply. I just wanted to vent out.'
In light of the recent reports on the passing of Nadine Lustre's brother, Isaiah, in an alleged suicide, a fan supported the actress by sharing stories of how the 23-year-old star helped her during her dark times.The fan,
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 13, 2017!
1 On October 12, 2017, Nadine Lustre wrote a heartfelt post about her struggle with depression in an Instagram post:Depression is something she's struggled with for quite some time now. She shared, "I have days [when] I'm
An author shares the best way you can help the person you love if they're going through it.
Having a partner with depression can be an alienating experience. Without understanding the symptoms of depression and the shame a person feels about being depressed, the experience can be confusing and hurtful.A partner with depression will go through a number of
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