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FYI, they're not pimples!
We all get small and hard-to-remove pimples on our faces, but when they appear in clusters and usually pop up around the eye and cheek area, they could be syringoma. Never heard of it? We spoke to Dr. Vicki Belo
If you're experiencing any of these, better book that appointment now!
It's never a good thing to Google your skin ailments, because you'll end up paranoid af, which leads to self-medication (and worsening your condition)-eventually leading you to book a doctor's appointment anyway. If you&#
It's the perfect at-home treatment for your skin!
Various brands have now come out with serums, peels, and toners with brightening properties; because when you've finally conquered your acne, more often than not, you're left with unsightly marks and scars that take forever to fade. Though the hyperpigmentation
May your kilikili be as bright as your future.
Admit it, CGs. You constantly aim for the perfect kilikili. We're talking about even-toned, baby-butt-smooth, and hair-free pits. We listed down the tools and treatments available for this mission, from the most basic to those that require