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From removing stains, scuffs and odors to how to correctly store your bag.
Knowing how to clean a leather handbag (without ruining it) is a useful #lifehack that will serve you well for years to come. Whether you've invested in a designer piece or a high street gem, leather bags are designed to
She would buy a bag every year since she was young!
Jessica Jung has built a name for herself over the years-she's a K-pop idol, actress, bestselling author, YouTuber, and CEO of her own luxury fashion brand. Recently, Jessica shared another side of her: An avid bag collector. An
She's into the classics!
Hello there! IDK about you, but one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube are bag collection videos. There's just something so ~satisfying~ about seeing and knowing a person's personal preferences and the stories that come with
Check out these stylish pieces!
Here's something we noticed: It doesn't matter how rich a K-drama leading lady is supposed to be. Her character will always be spotted with at least one luxury tote. Case in point: Secretary Kim Mi-so (Park
Good things come to those who wait.
Finally! Heart Evangelista shared her closet favorites! In the first part of the vlog series, she focused on her top bags and accessories. She's known for having an extensive collection of designer bags that are on display in her walk-
'I’m happy that I haven’t bought any yet since the start of [the] pandemic.'
It's pretty common to see celebs splurge on designer fashion items. After all, purchasing luxury goods is a way for them to pamper themselves. Kim Chiu is one of those stars with a closet full of branded bags and sneakers.
And yes, there's *a lot* of Chanel.
After two to three years of collecting designer bags, Rei Germar's finally ready to reveal the pieces that she's decided to keep *forever* and tbh, no one's more excited than us! Every time someone asks her
Her fave bags include classic and fun pieces!
We love What's In My Bag content, but we love bag collection videos even more. The latest celeb to share her favorite designer purses is none other than Kathryn Bernardo, and we're *obsessed* with her picks! Kathryn shared
She looks amazing in anything!
Park Shin Hye has been busy this year, having starred in two Netflix movies: In September, the zombie flick Alive was released, and then recently, the psychological thriller The Call made it to the list of the most-streamed films and shows
IU loves her Gucci!
We love IU not only for her stellar stage performances, impeccable acting skills, and heart of gold, but also for her outstanding fashion sense. Even when she's not portraying a character, the artist's off-duty looks have cemented
She's so talented!
If you've been following Heart Evangelista on social media long enough, you would know that painting is one of her many talents. While most of us would color on paper, Heart's canvas of choice is usually a pristine
Because your first designer purchase is an investment and a milestone you’ll never forget.
Like how sneakerheads splurge on designer kicks, or how creatives buy their own fancy equipment (like a hardworking camera), stylish ladies see luxury items as precious things they've earned from hard work. You can even say that for some, it's
These might just rival Seo Dan's designer bag collection!
Seo Ji Hye may have shocked us with a "CLOY comeback" when she dressed like Seo Dan in Dinner Mate, but her current character, Woo Do Hee, is a fashion icon in her own right, despite the differences in their sense of
She even has it in two different colors!
Are you a fan of the 2020 Netflix K-drama Hi Bye, Mama!?The heartwarming show follows Cha Yu Ri (played by Kim Tae Hee), a loving mother who is abruptly killed in an accident. Unwilling to part ways with her daughter,
Same, Chie. SAME.
In case 'di ka pa kinain ng sistema, TikTok is not just a platform to watch funny dubs or cute guys doing cool dance moves-you can also live vicariously with the fashion challenges where users ~flex~ their goods. The Louis
Bag envy is REAL.
How much do we love Crash Landing On You? We honestly can't count the ways anymore. Even though it's been a while since we officially bid goodbye to the love story of Captain Ri and Yoon Se-Ri, we still
Yiseo and Sooah had FANTASTIC tastes!
It's been a week since Itaewon Class wrapped up, and we're still trying to process how everything ended. It's definitely going to land on top of our long list of all-time K-drama faves.Aside from the A+
Looking to invest in your first designer purchase?
If you're looking for a cool new tote to invest in but one that won't leave you broke, consider looking at your fave celebrities' own collections. Trust us, not all their designer bags have a six-figure
Thinking of getting your first designer bag?
Ah, bags-the fashion girl's worst vice and favorite accessory. If you must give in to your stylish pursuits, we'll have you know that you need not spend a fortune for designer arm candy. Ahead, we round up
'No matter how beautiful it is, if it's painful, it's not worth it.'
In one of her YouTube videos a few days ago, Kryz Uy revealed and admitted that she regrets buying some designer bags and shoes.She explained that she could've spent the money on other things, like groceries or utilities. She