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No need to spend a fortune on these!
There's no denying the appeal of a designer bag-its quality and distinct design are more than enough reason to want one of your own. But for all its merits, the one thing that stops us from starting our own collections
Authenticity is key.
If you're dropping a huge chunk of your earnings on some designer goodie, then you better be sure that your purchase is first of all, authentic. There's nothing more heartbreaking than finding out you've been duped! That's
These bags have graduated from trendy hits to cult favorites.
Like the people who carry them, these special bags have a repeat audience. Here's a mix of iconic styles that have made cameos in new collections and recent favorites that are predicted to become mainstays.Three things give Chanel visual recall:
The TV host loves collecting wallets and leather goods. Think Hermes and Louis Vuitton, <em>stashed </em>inside her bag.
It seems Carmina Villaroel has it all--a busy showbiz career, numerous brand endorsement deals and TV commercials, a life-partner in actor Zoren Legaspi, with whom she was blessed with adorable twins who are now also popular product endorsers. The actress