But the chocolate will still taste sweet—without sugar substitutes.
Last month, chocolate had a lot of major moments: Scientists found a way to make milk chocolate just as healthy as dark chocolate; Toblerone decided to change its iconic shape; somebody created a chocolate bar specifically designed to relieve period pain; and
*heavy breathing*
To help you get over the shock of Toblerone's recent makeover, here's some good news for all chocolate lovers out there.In collaboration with Milka, Oreo will be coming out with not one, but TWO chocolate bars.A classic 3.
Almost too cute to eat. Almost.
Get ready to fall in love with Instagram all over again. Mic brings our attention to these adorable fish-shaped waffle cones that are a form of the Japanese dessert called taiyaki, which Serious Eats describes as a cake-like item made
Charcoal-enhanced frozen yogurt, anyone?
BLK 513BLK 513 serves frozen yogurt but with an unexpected twist. The frozen yogurt is charcoal-enhanced, so it gives you all the benefits of charcoal like detoxification, anti-aging, and better heart health. The yogurt is also Greek yogurt, so it'
Here's a dessert recipe shared by sisters Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley, food enthusiasts and bestselling authors of 'The Art of Eating Well.'
Authors of the bestselling cookbook The Art of Eating Well, Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley, are all for delicious and healthy food. Well-loved in the food, fitness, and fashion industry for the quality of their recipes and innovations like the Hemsley
A little sugar never hurt anyone.
Strawberry Brownie Parfait Get the recipe here! Frozen Turtle Pies Get the recipe here! Peanut Butter Crips Bars Get the recipe here! Grape Tart Get the recipe here! Brownies With Coffee Kahlua Glaze Get the recipe here! Salted Caramel Budino Get the
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