Meet your new favorite merienda.
As much as we enjoyed keeping ourselves occupied this quarantine period by making our own doughnuts using a pancake mix or making doughnut holes with three ingredients, you may have missed another doughnut trend making rounds on your social media feeds. Meet
For a 'balanced' diet!
Upgrade your usual merienda by ordering these cookies with a salty twist. ICYDK, bakers have been getting creative each day. They've gone beyond the basic chocolate chip recipes and they have been adding savory ingredients like pretzels and potato chips
If you've never heard of Vizco's, you're in for a treat.
Baguio is a famed summer destination for many reasons-there's the cool highland climate, the horseback rides, and the renowned Bencab Museum. But no trip to Baguio is complete without taking a trip to restaurant and cake shop Vizco'
Trust us, you need this cake right now.
Hello, everyone! It's time for dessert-again. Let's talk about one particular cake that needs your attention: Tres Leches! It is of Latin American origin, and this cake has been around probably since the mid-1900s. When roughly
Totally Instagrammable!
If anything pink calls your attention, then stay with me. I've rounded up the most Instagrammable sweets, desserts, and drinks that come in the rosy hue. From affordable things you can buy from the grocery to the most aesthetic pink
Probably the closest you can get to the beach in 2020!
Before anything, a moment of silence for all the beach trips that didn't push through this 2020. If you were dreaming of lounging by the sandy shores of Boracay, you'll probably have to save that for the distant
Halaya fans, bookmark this!
Don't you think we are lucky that ube is endemic in the Philippines? The humble purple yam is so versatile that it can be transformed into many kinds of desserts. But since we already know the existence of ube cakes
Let's find out which is the most popular flavor among Pinoys.
Ice cream is one of the go-to desserts for many Pinoys because 1) it's available everywhere, 2) it's refreshing to eat especially in our all-year-round humid weather, and 3) it comes in different flavors to
You'll only need to use a microwave.
I recently ordered mochi balls with ube and chocolate inside and as I was lifting the fourth one to my mouth, I had a thought: Can I actually make this on my own? And then I remembered all my amazing mochi memories (
It looks so cute!
Here at, we're very big on dessert, and we're constantly looking for ways to level up our ~food experience~. During our many hours spent scrolling through TikTok, we found this easy recipe that turns churros into
The cakes come in three color styles!
There's something so cool about minimalist cakes. I think part of its ~allure~ is you can't tell what the experience will be. Cutting a slice feels like a sweet surprise. If you have something to celebrate soon (or
Pair this with your go-to Starbucks drink!
As Starbucks opens more of its stores for deliveries and takeout, you will find that more items are now available on the menu. If you're looking to switch up your usual coffee pairing, Starbucks added new pastry options to go
It's super easy to make!
What do you get when you combine melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers? The ooey-gooey goodness that is s'mores, of course! If you don't want to make the traditional sandwich-like s'mores, there
These are dump, chill, and eat recipes you'll want to make again and again.
No-bake desserts are the ultimate easy dessert recipes. While these don't require any baking, many require some form of heating up ingredients that you can easily do on the stove or in the microwave.The ingredients of these recipes
Yung mawala na lahat, 'wag lang 'tong specific cookie na 'to.
Unpopular opinion: Chocolate chip cookies are good, they're hard to get wrong, but snickerdoodles deserve a special place in heaven. IT'S JUST BETTER. In case you didn't know, the star ingredients of snickerdoodles are cinnamon and
From cakes, to ice cream, to donuts, and more!
Strawberry season may be coming to a close, but desserts featuring this fruit is always a welcome treat anytime of the year. The berries' tangy, fruity profile go with just about any form of dessert, whether it's cakes, ice
Can you believe you can do this with only two ingredients?
These days, you can make anything even with minimal resources-all you really need is patience. First, there was dalgona coffee, something that originally needed a mixer or at the very least, a whisk, but was successfully created by many using only
We're talking cakes, ice cream, and more!
Some might dismiss it as a mere food trend, but-judging from its continuing popularity and ubiquity in local dessert menus-ube has definitely proven that it has serious staying power. Aside from its striking purple hue, its naturally nutty flavor works
Try something new!
When you go to Conti's with an intention to buy a cake, do you always go for the Mango Bravo? Well, we can't blame you. Its irresistibly luscious cream and bits of yellow mangoes, drizzled with chocolate syrup
This would pair perfectly with a cup of coffee!
During these stressful times, it's understandable that you should have your favorite comfort food within reach. If a bite of cream puff chases those blues away, there's a tub filled with 30 pieces of cream puffs that'
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