Calling all donut lovers!
J.Co Donuts & Coffee is about to celebrate their eighth anniversary, and they're feeling kinda generous. Next week, you can get two dozen delicious donuts for only 500!For this promo, you can purchase one box of a pre-assorted dozen
The latest take on the ube food trend!
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're always on the lookout for the hottest food trends, and we've noticed that there's a particular one that seems to be having a ~*moment*~ right now. Left and right, we're seeing fresh
It's a combination of two Pinoy desserts!
Hello, everyone! We're back with another delicious dessert: Our latest discovery are's Ube Brazo Cupcakes. As the name suggests, it draws flavors from two well-loved Pinoy desserts: ube and brazo de mercedes. These cupcakes have a brazo
With gold tuyo flakes, btw.
Can you remember the last time you had *really good* champorado? The kind that feels like a giant hug that you never want to end? If it's been a while, then you're in for a treat (literally). Ollie&#
BRB, pipila na kami.
In May 2019, we wrote about Fire Tiger by Seoulcial Club, a brand from Bangkok that's been winning over milk tea lovers everywhere. The one drink that really caught our eye was their Fire Tiger Milk Tea-because it was
Pair these with milk and you're all set.
When it comes to desserts, cookies have a special place in our hearts for many reasons. It's the perfect bite for when you just want something sweet after a hearty meal. It can change your mood after a looong meeting
A quick fix to your craving.
Mochi is a Japanese glutinous rice cake. Sometimes, mochi is used to wrap a ball of ice cream transforming this humble rice cake into a summer dessert. Mochi ice cream isn't as widely available in the Philippines compared to popsicles
You get to help someone, one cookie at a time.
Cookies are something that we absolutely love here at the Cosmo HQ. There's not a day that goes by when we don't think about these delicious mounds of dough. So imagine how delighted we were to find a cookie shop
Suddenly, you're a kid again, begging your mom for a float!
When I was young, every Saturday was "family day" for us. We did the usual stuff. We had brunch at a diner, went to the mall, spent an afternoon at some daycare-slash-playground, before ultimately eating my favorite meal of the
It might even be too pretty to eat!
Congratulations, you made the right choice of pausing a potentially productive day for more important news: Bellefleur by Beatrix recently released their Strawberry Tres Leches, and we don't want to oversell this but you absolutely need to give it a
There's always room for dessert.
On your next coffee run to Starbucks, pair your cup of joe with their newly released desserts and pastries on the menu. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite for this year!The new tasty offerings on Starbucks' menu
It's only available in Manila.
M Bakery, one of New York's famous bakeries, pays tribute to one of Philippine's well-loved local flavors with ube-flavored pastries. New on M Bakery's menu are the Ube Cake and Ube Cupcakes, which are
I lava to lava you.
You know how some people love pineapples on their pizza but others can't accept the notion of having cooked fruit on top of cheese and tomato sauce? That's how I feel about nuts on cakes. I can'
'Cause why not?
This is for anyone who's already planning their #Japan2019 trip! Make sure you include this cute, pastel-heaven dessert shop in your itinerary. Located in Harajuku, Maison Able Café Ron Ron is a must-visit for anyone who's
Banana Pudding and nine other house specialties!
M Bakery opened in BGC on August 22, 2018. We were lucky enough to be invited to the media launch, but everything was so good that one visit wasn't enough. That said, we went back to try all their bestsellers!
We welcome the sugar rush.
If you have a special place in your heart for Sex and the City like the fangirls writing this article, then you probably remember the scene when Carrie tells Miranda about her new crush (Aidan). This scene is iconic for two reasons:
With shipping fee, it costs P629.
I've always been the type of person who isn't easily swayed by trends. I'm naturally skeptical of things that go viral on Instagram because to me, the buzz around anything of quality should last longer than
Cool down with these tasty treats!
Summer is arguably one of the best times to be in the Philippines. Whether it's spent lounging on any of our gorgeous beaches, or enjoying the urban nightlife-people are clearly more at ease this time of year. But summer does
You're in for a treat.
Arguably the best thing about being an adult is you can have dessert anytime you want-breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But what's even better than a donut for breakfast is being able to play with your favorite childhood treats. The
AV Gawtee combines science and passion in her business, Earth Desserts.
Licensed nutritionist AV Gawtee started Earth Desserts for those with a sweet tooth looking to indulge in healthier alternatives.How did you turn your hobby into a profitable business? I didn't really expect to be earning from baking so most of
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