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She's saying 'no' to negativity.
Actress Heaven Peralejo is getting super candid about dealing with negative comments online.In a September 24 Push interview, Heaven talked about her experience with online *bashing*. "At first, tamang-tama ako. I learned to accept it kasi kahit sabihin mo yung
Is it really over between them?
It's official: Heaven Peralejo and Kiko Estrada (also known as "KiVen") have both unfollowed each other on Instagram. This has fueled rumors that they have indeed broken up, although neither of them have confirmed it. Their *short* romance has been
Does this *confirm* the rumored breakup?
It looks like Heaven Peralejo and Kiko Estrada have ~officially~ broken up.Heaven has unfollowed Kiko and has deleted all of his pics on IG. After the Bagong Umaga stars went Insta-official in mid-August, Heaven spoke about her "rollercoaster months"
She opens up about dealing with critics.
Heaven Peralejo recently talked up about the "rollercoaster" months she's had in an interview with ABS-CBN's Miguel Dumaual. According to the news report, Heaven "declined to address rumors" about her status with Kiko Estrada, but she did
She used to have a *mutual understanding* with James Reid!
You probably already know that Devon Seron entered showbiz through Pinoy Big Brother, but did you know that she has starred in a movie with two Korean oppas? And that Devon and James Reid once had a ~*mutual understanding*~? Scroll down to
'This is going overboard, and I just want them to know the truth.'
In a tell-all interview with Ogie Diaz, Kiko Estrada spoke against accusations that he cheated on Devon Seron and that Heaven Peralejo was the third party in their breakup. Kiko denied it, saying that his breakup with Devon happened on February
*Sips tea*
It's another day which means there seems to be another update on whatever's happening between Devon Seron, Kiko Estrada, and Heaven Peralejo. Still confused about the sitch? (So am I.) But here's a quick refresher for
The Devon-Kiko-Heaven *controversy* started in March.
ICYMI, Heaven Peralejo and Kiko Estrada went Instagram-official over the weekend. They posted photos with each other and even said "I love you" in the caption and comments.Heaven also shared a solo photo of herself (in the same location) with
Heaven was romantically linked to Kiko in March this year.
Heaven Peralejo just went Instagram offish with Kiko Estrada!On Instagram, Kiko shared a series of photos with Heaven as he simply wrote, "I love you."Heaven responded to the post and wrote, "I love you too."Meanwhile, Heaven shared more photos
Her poses are super easy to copy!
For some, it's sooo easy to pose for Insta. But for most of us, we need extra help in the confidence and creativity department. Sometimes, we just forget "our baon poses" once the camera is ready to shoot. Thankfully, Devon
Some of the internet's fave couples have unfortunately parted ways.
It seems that 2021 is the year of breakups, at least according to feng shui experts. When you look up "year of breakups" on Google, most results would point to 2021. While many of our favorite couples on the internet remain strong,
She is currently admitted to a hospital.
Heaven Peralejo joins the list of celebrities who tested positive for COVID-19. In her most recent vlog, the Bagong Umaga actress gave a peek at how she is dealing with it, from receiving the bad news up to when she was
She says she has nothing to do with the rumored breakup.
Heaven Peralejo has had enough of the accusations linking her to Kiko Estrada and Devon Seron's rumored breakup.In an IG Story on Friday, March 12, she released a lengthy statement to finally break her silence."Associating me with actors
Here's the tea.
Over the years, celebs' *cryptic IG posts* have served as clues for their fans to sense that they're going through something difficult. Yesterday, Devon Seron and Kiko Estrada went viral after the actress posted "The tongue may hide the