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This is what you need to know about keeping them fresh and clean (and not lost!).
Getting engaged is a wonderful thing, and the ring you now have is most likely gorgeous, but it also probably cost a lot of money, meaning you want to protect it and keep it nice. Enter Grant Mobley, gemologist and director of
The 20-carat diamond was given to her by Kanye West just last month.
Kim Kardashian West was reportedly gagged and bound while men dressed as police stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry from her Paris residence late on Sunday night.The prosecutor's office said a ring worth an estimated $4 million and
What does $22.1 million even look like? Like, how many briefcases is that?
Do YOU have $22.1 million-or P970 million to spend?Well, Sotheby's just sold a 100.20 carat colorless diamond to an anonymous buyer during an auction in New York. The rock, which was mined in South Africa, weighed 200