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It's probably the most expensive Miss Universe crown ever created!
The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has finally unveiled its new crown!The prestigious beauty pageant has teamed up with Mouawad, a jewelry company founded in 1891 by Lebanese master watchmaker and jeweler David Mouawad, to create the diamond-studded headpiece called the
Remember the tagline from the movie, 'Frost yourself?'
Lady Gaga finished her fashion journey as Ally from A Star Is Born when she arrived to the Oscars today oozing old Hollywood in a black Alexander McQueen gown, matching gloves, and a Tiffany yellow diamond valued at more than $30 million.
They're adorably called 'salt-and-pepper diamonds!'
Admit it: If you see yourself getting married in the future, you've probably planned your dream wedding to a T, and nothing but the perfect diamond engagement ring will do! But if we told you that imperfect diamonds were just
Shine bright like a—
Ask anyone who knows me IRL and they'll tell you that I don't wear jewelry. I get rashes when I attempt to wear earrings for longer than an hour. Necklaces make me feel like I'm being choked, and rings
Millennials would rather travel than buy diamonds.
Rumor has it, millennials aren't just postponing marriage and parenthood-they're also rejecting the luxury of diamonds! Jewelers are panicking because for the first time in six years, the sale of diamond jewelry fell by two percent last year. Furthermore,
Carat weight alone won't determine the value of a ring!
Choosing the right engagement ring can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially to men who typically aren't as informed as women when it comes to jewelry. We'll be first to admit that setting a budget and figuring out the girl's
Nope, they aren't engaged.
Rapper Tyga has pledged his commitment to Kylie Jenner by gifting her with a huge diamond promise ring.Kim Kardashian's youngest sister has been spotted with a new piece of jewelry on her left ring finger in recent days, sparking renewed
What does $22.1 million even look like? Like, how many briefcases is that?
Do YOU have $22.1 million-or P970 million to spend?Well, Sotheby's just sold a 100.20 carat colorless diamond to an anonymous buyer during an auction in New York. The rock, which was mined in South Africa, weighed 200