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I've been a digital girl since 2006. Here's what you should know if you want to work online.
1. You cannot just do one thing. In print media, your job description is your job. There is a person for each task, whether it's graphic design, section editing, or feature writing. Everyone has a role, and there is a process
Welcome to the digital age, people!
Miley Cyrus is really one to come out with a Bang(erz)-Get my reference? No? Ok. Moving on.Just a day after her outrageous (this is SUCH an understatement) MTV Video Music Awards hosting gig, Miley released a FREE digital album,
It's time to switch off.
Are you prone to checking your phone for messages and likes all the time that you've forgotten to make connections that really matter? You need to detach from the virtual world once in a while. Here are seven reasons why:1.
There are no limits to what one can do with fashion--or whom you get as your muse. This new campaign features the infamous star in a never-before-seen experience.
Troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan still has it going for her. To kick off Marc Ecko's campaign for the brand's fall collection, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, they hired the infamous star as the muse for their campaign. The fashion campaign