Be the hostess with the mostest!
1. Sort your playlist out. Nothing kills a party like a bad selection of tunes. Get it right and you'll ace the evening-plus, guests can spend those awkward first few minutes bonding over how much they love (or hate...) your
We give you the scoop on the best wines to get your girlfriends, boyfriend, and guests this party season.
Good wine is a vital part of the holiday season. The perfect bottle can liven up a party, bring friends together, and even enhance the romance between two people. This Christmas, we recommend checking out the different offerings of a local winemaker
Even the most social chicks occasionally find themselves flying solo. Take full advantage of your time alone with these tips and tricks.
At A Party As soon as you walk into a soiree, seek out the host and say hello...then follow up by asking him or her to introduce you to some of the other guests in the room. If he or she
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