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We want them all!
If you've been into coffee home-brewing, then you're probably already equipped with the essentials to help you whip up your morning cup of joe. In case you want to show off your skills (or distract your followers
They're so Instagram-worthy, too!
If like us, you're a fan of all things #aesthetic, then chances are your kitchen essentials include dainty plates, wooden bowls, and colorful utensils. You're also probably starting to stock up on cute mugs for your daily dose
Nothing's over P300!
Once you enter a plate phase, it's hard to get out especially when more and more kitchenware shops with cute and affordable tableware pop up. If you're still on the lookout for pretty plates and other kitchen finds,
Calling all platitos and platitas!
If you've been cooking a lot during the quarantine, you've probably thought of sprucing up your kitchen-including your dinnerware! While there are many stylish ceramic plates you can find online, those that are made of wood are