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Check these receipts, please.
Ever since Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson were spotted leaving a Lauryn Hill concert in May, many have wondered about their relationship status. It's been a wild few months for the Her Smell co-stars, who have shared multiple selfies
Spoiler: He totally notices (and loves) your sex voice.
Dirty talk is hard. Do you describe what's happening? Moan in a sexy voice? Sometimes in the moment, it feels awkward. But these 10 guys share their favorite things a woman has ever whispered in their ear. It might make for
No, it's not some twisted fetish.
If you aren't the type of person who says "daddy" in bed, then you probably think that all women who do have severe daddy issues...or that they just secretly want to bone their fathers. Uh, wrong.Broadly interviewed sex therapist
'Keep doing that.'
Unless you've mastered the Kama Sutra or are the Mr. Miyagi of all things sex-related, you probably cringe at the idea of having to talk dirty in bed. But dirty talk is a wonderful opportunity to spice up your sex
Talking dirty is sorta like doing your taxes-everyone does it, but no one really talks about how, exactly. So we're all just pretty much left in the dark, fumbling with our own sexy phrases when the time comes. There are
Unleash your man's inner animal in bed with these 10 tried and tested carnal moves.
Sure, men are predictable-but then again they may still surprise you. Cosmo gives you a rundown of the hottest moves that are sure to keep your man fired up. And, yes, this is according to men themselves. We also asked some