Like knowing where your pets hide when they’re scared.
On January 12, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) placed Taal Volcano on Alert Level 4, which means that it may create a hazardous explosive eruption in the next couple hours or days. Aside from the explosive eruption, Taal's recent
A gender-sensitive disaster response is a need that cannot be ignored.
In the wake of natural disasters and calamities, government agencies and various organizations respond by transporting relief goods and emergency kits to affected areas.The need for food and water, of course, is prioritized. However, there's one particular group of
Her Google Maps took her the wrong way and then ran out of battery.
You'd probably think a visit to the Grand Canyon would be a trip of a lifetime, but for 24-year-old Texas student Amber VanHecke, it turned out to be a trip which nearly took her life, after she got stranded
Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim, and Ejay Falcon volunteer to man disaster telethons. What are YOU doing? Here, how to help out.
The Centerfolds are doing what they can by volunteering their time at ABS-CBN's telethons. Are you doing your share to help out?Wondering how you, too, can help victims of typhoon Ondoy? You can send donations through these hotlines
With the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy, many Cosmo women together with their loved ones had to abandon their houses to save their lives. Here, what to do as the waters subside.
1. Tread waters very carefully. Sure, the water levels may be way lower than its original two-floor depth, but that doesn't exactly mean that shallower waters are safe. Swiftly-moving shallow water can also be deadly because the current
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