Ever wonder what it ~really~ takes to be a beloved princess?
If you've ever had a princess-themed birthday party as a child, then you probably thought that when Cinderella stopped by, she was the real deal. But behind those perfect smiles and graceful sways are talented Pinays hard at work. Cosmo.
'All at once, everything looks different, now that I'm with you.'
When Tangled came out, we're pretty sure every girl out there made a mental note to somehow incorporate a thousand floating lanterns into their wedding day. Well, with the help of photographer Jenna Henderson, this couple-Sarah and Gilbert-made that
It's a once in a lifetime experience.
If you're still in shock and unable to digest that price point, don't worry, so are we. But the reason why it's so expensive is because 21 Royal was supposed to be Walt Disney's "private residence," meant for
If you can't tell from his Instagram handle (@TheOfficialAriel), makeup artist Richard Schaefer loooves The Little Mermaid as well as all things Disney-from the princesses to other characters like Peter Pan, and Jane from Tarzan.But it's clear from
Oh mon dieu!
If you've seen the most recent remake of Beauty and the Beast, then you know that the iconic Disney introduction scene was done with the Beast's castle. Even in the dark, it still looked pretty spectacular so you can't
They're all so pretty!
To stir up excitement for the live-action remake of the Disney classic, various beauty brands all over the globe released gorgeous limited edition collections that we're seriously obsessed with.Keep reading below to see our roundup of the cutest
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